ESPL Week 14 – Lots of Score


The action of week 14 was exciting and we only saw two draws in the league. That is a refreshing feeling as results are starting to flow again. Let’s get to the recaps.

The first match saw Knightsquare host Gothica, pitting the worst against the first on the table. While Knightsquare scorers Friedrich Gunther, Ryad Al Syad, and Darin Van Pelt put the ball into the net, Gothica’s Donovan Righte and the hat trick of Simon Tarken left the first place club in the winning position.

“Words,” said Alan Marquardt, Knightsquare’s team captain. “Words cannot express my disappointment. This club has a lot of work to do and there isn’t much time to do it. If there were an ESPL League 2, we’d be a shoe in for relegation this season.”

The second match saw Emerald United host Wordsmiths, also getting a solid win as their three goals from Edge Righte and two from Paco DeJesus stayed through to the end against Wordsmiths’ own Kerwin Katzer and Wonk O’Riley’s attempts to equalize.

The third match saw Sporting Black Cats host Shamrock Celtic, with Celtic’s Thor Skjelstad scoring the sole goal of the match.

“A win is a win,” said Thor Skjelstad. “We need more of these, though.”

The fourth match saw Real Olympia host Shazam CM in a draw, scores by Real’s Severus MacLain and Shazam’s Jackson Alexander. Shazam supporters showed up in droves only to go home with a disappointing draw.

“We started out strong,” said Jackson Alexander. “Things just haven’t been going our way, lately.”

The fifth match saw Vulcan FC host Allen FC to a scoreless draw. Allen players have no idea why they’re not doing better, just like Shazam, they started out strong and have leveled off quite dramatically.”

The final match of the week saw Halo host Naval Armada, with the visitors getting the victory and allowing the club to move forward in the league. Halo scorer Hector Cruz was the only goal for the club and Naval’s scorers Pedro DeJesus and Stephan Khan pushed them to the ultimate victory.

Week 14 gives us hope for more action in the future. Let’s move forward to week 15!

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