ESPL Week 15 – Stay Strong


Powerhouse clubs are still the powerhouse clubs and there was a lot of excitement on the pitch for most of the clubs in the league. Let’s get to the action!

Halo scored early (at 22′) when Shinji Yamagashi rocketed one through the posts and totally slid past the keeper to take an early lead. The home side would try to equalize but wouldn’t be able to send one in until the second half at 50′ when Severus MacLain evened up the score. Ghudra Nmamba would win the day for Halo with a 78′ score to give them the win.

The woes of Knightsquare continue, winless, as they enter into their away match with Allen FC, who has been steady up to this point. Franz Volstagg at 44′ would give Knightsquare the lead going into the half, causing the home crowd to worry that they would see their club be the first win for the Knightsquare. The second half opened up the scoring as Hans Mueller at 65′ put one past the keeper to even the score, then Charles Alexander at 72′ put in the second goal, giving Allen the lead. Theron Wildhorse at 85′ put in the equalizer but 86′ saw a quick return to the lead by Shawn Rock for Allen as they would hold on to win the match.

The league’s leading scorer extended his lead to 13 as Simon Tarken led Gothica to a solid win against Naval Armada. The first goal came at 3′ when Norman Tavez caught the keeper sleeping and snuck one into the lower left corner. That would be the only score of the first half. The second half saw scoring at 47′ from Gothica’s Simon Tarken, at 60′ from Naval’s Matt Craven, at 64′ Gothica’s Pierre LaFayette, and the final goal came at 85′ from Naval’s Matt Craven (his second). Naval Armada was unable to pull out the victory, giving the home side a bigger lead in the league.

Sporting Black Cats hosted Emerald United in a scoreless match, with both sides getting chances but only Emerald United’s side being close enough to get the ball into the net, only to have both scores turned back as offsides calls. This was the league’s only scoreless draw this week.

Shazam CM hosted Wordsmiths in the big scoring match of the week. At 4′ Shazam’s Jackson Alexander opened up the scoring, which was followed by a 9′ score by Shazam’s Corey Carson and 10′ with another one from Jackson Alexander. Up 3-0 in only 10 minutes of play, Wordsmiths broke their scoreless side with one at 12′ when Shu Liang put one into the back of the net with authority. Supporters were then treated to another goal at 20′ by Shazam’s Jackson Alexander (completing his hat trick), followed by a goal at 22′ from Wordsmiths’ Jason White, a response at 24′ by Shazam’s Drago Petroff, at 41′ by Wordsmiths’ Shu Liang (his second) and finally 44′ by Wordsmiths’ Travis Trevors to end the half at 5-4. The only other score came from Shazam at 50′ when Drago Petroff put in Shazam’s last, and his second, to win the match 6-4.

Vulcan FC hosted Shamrock Celtic in the final match of the week. There were no scores in the first half but plenty of yellow cards were distributed for both sides. A grand total of 6 yellow cards were handed out, with Celtic earning 4 to Vulcan’s 2. The second half saw all the scoring starting at 47′ when Arak Shemin for Celtic put in the first goal. That was followed at 53′ when Vulcan’s Arbo Muvata equalized, at 57′ when Celtic’s Kip Nguyen scored, at 78′ for Vulcan’s Jaque Lareaux, and at 80′ for the final score by Celtic’s Patrick Barnes to give Shamrock Celtic the 3-2 win.

The leading scorer is Gothica’s Simon Tarken at 13, with both Donovan Righte (Gothica) and Khan Galaxy (Naval Armada) tied for second at 11. There is more to come in the ESPL, see you next week!

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