ESPL Week 19 – Asserting Dominance

Gothica reasserts their control of the league in a solid victory, one club drops out of the tight race that will see only one team as champion of the league, and the two main commentators for the league weight in on who they believe will be the ultimate ESPL Champions.


Allen FC and Shazam CM fought to a scoreless draw. Vulcan FC and Real Olympia did the same. All four clubs are seeking the reasons for their lack of definition and all four clubs are already evaluating where they stand for the future.

Sporting Black Cats hosted Gothica as the league leaders won 6-4. Gothica scorers were Norman Tavez, Yuri Petrikoff, Donovan Righte (2), and Guillermo Martinez (2). Sporting scorers were Avondale Borusa, Tsung Bai, Victor Khrushchev, and Kai Funaka. Gothica sends a message with a big score that states they won’t be denied their championship.

“Sporting gave us a run,” said Simon Tarken, Gothica team captain. “We started out really strong and they started to fight back but it wasn’t enough in the end.”

Wordsmiths hosted Naval Armada in a 2-2 draw, ending what many believe is Naval Armada’s best chance at winning the first ESPL championship. Wordsmiths goals came from Kerwin Katzer and Tendo Hiroshima. Naval Armada goals came from Piotr Khrush and Pedro DeJesus.

Emerald United hosted Knightsquare in a 1-0 victory, the sole goal coming from Dae Ho Park. Emerald United keep slim hopes alive with their victory but the fact that Knightsquare held them to a single goal probably means they’ll have issues finishing on top of the league.

Shamrock Celtic hosted Halo in a 3-2 victory, keeping their dreams alive for championship glory. Shamrock Celtic goal scorers were Shamus O’Mara and two from Patrick Barnes. Halo goals came from Hector Cruz and Andrei Ramius.

“I’m going to personally put as many goals into the net as I can,” said Patrick Barnes, Shamrock Celtic forward. “We will be the champions if I have to score a hundred times between now and the final game.”

“The end game is in sight,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator. “Gothica really has a good hold of the championship right now and they just need to maintain their strength they’ve kept this whole time. There isn’t much that anyone else can really do as long as they don’t sit on their laurels. I’m picking Gothica for the championship.”

“Shazam stumbled early,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “Emerald United followed shortly thereafter, and now we see Naval Armada stumble. With so much on the line, you can’t afford to stumble this late in the game. Shamrock Celtic and Gothica are in a race, don’t be distracted by the fact that Gothica has a nice margin for error. If they falter, they will lose the league. I don’t personally think they will, though, and I’m calling Gothica for the championship. If Shamrock Celtic can really get a big statement victory in two weeks against Gothica, I think they have a real shot at carrying home the title.”

What will happen? We’re coming down to the wire… see you next week.

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