ESPL Week 20 – A Shocking Turn of Events

The chest pounding and bluster is running wild through the league and the race grows tighter as the leaders commit a critical error in the worst possible time. Can the league still go to another club? Let’s find out as we dive into week 20.


Halo hosted Vulcan FC, Naval Armada hosted Emerald United, and all four clubs failed to score a goal. Their hopes of accomplishing anything meaningful this season were dashed.

Knightsquare hosted Wordsmiths to a 1-1 draw, also resulting in very little for either club. Knightsquare goal scorer Darin Van Pelt was matched by Wordsmiths goal scorer Jason White. Both clubs desperately needed a victory and neither could pull it out in the end.

Allen FC hosted Shamrock Celtic, with the away side winning 1-0 with their goal from Arak Shemin after only 5′ of play. The hopes are kept alive for Celtic.

“We aren’t dead and we aren’t giving up,” said Ephraim Colton, Shamrock Celtic Manager. “This club will be champions and I’ve got my eye on the prize.”

Real Olympia hosted Sporting Black Cats in a scoreless draw.

Shazam CM held Gothica to a draw, 2-2, as they struggled to send a message that they weren’t done fighting yet. Shazam’s goals came from Russell Mantrell and Carlos Marcos. Gothica’s goals came from Simon Tarken and Norman Tavez.

“The league is watching with great interest,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator. “Gothica has stumbled again, something we kept saying they couldn’t do. If Celtic wins next week, we have a bona fide championship race on our hands, coming right down to the wire. Gothica cannot afford to draw or lose the rest of this season. If they want the championship, they need to win to lock that up. This weekly debate isn’t something they can afford to have distracting them.”

“We’re in control of our own destiny,” said Peter Stark, Gothica Manager. “If we win this championship, we set ourselves up as the club to come to for all of the best players in the league. I’m looking to make Gothica a dynasty club, not just a one and done or a once in a while.”

“I want a championship,” said Patrick Barnes, Shamrock Celtic forward. “I can taste a championship. This club can take that cup and be the club to beat but we need to put a stamp on this next week.”

Can Shamrock Celtic defeat Gothica? They get their chance next week. Stay tuned.

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