ESPL Week 21 – Head to Head

The penultimate week in the ESPL saw the clash of the two league leaders in what can only be called the match of the season. Who won? Who will win the championship? There is that and more as we get into Week 21 action.


Emerald United hosted Vulcan FC in the week opener with a 5-3 victory. Emerald United goals came from Xin Li, Edge Righte (2), and Paco DeJesus (2). Vulcan goals came from Dzung Tran, Casin Klop, and Jacque Lareaux, but it wasn’t enough in the end. Emerald United secured victory in a solid way and solidified a third place for the season.

“Twelve clubs and we came in third,” said Arthur Franklin, Emerald United Manager. “We will build and have a better showing next season. One week left.”

Real Olympia hosted Allen FC and Shazam CM hosted Naval Armada both played to scoreless draws. For Shazam and Naval Armada, their result caps off a lackluster end of the season as both clubs will seek to build for the future.

Halo hosted Wordsmiths to a 3-2 win. Halo’s goals came from Hogi Prince and two from Scott Stennon. Wordsmiths’ goals both came from Wonk O’Riley. Halo had a fair showing for the season but fell short when things mattered in the end.

Shamrock Celtic hosted Gothica in a 4-3 victory, getting the one win they needed to be able to have a shot at winning the championship. Shamrock Celtic’s goals came from Tom Johnson, Marco Kaspazov, and two from Arak Shemin. Gothica’s goals came from Pierre LaFayette, Donovan Righte, and Simon Tarken. In the end, the league leaders lost valuable ground and have a difficult next week ahead. More on that after the final match of the week.

Sporting Black Cats hosted Knightsquare in a scoreless draw, but they were in a very large shadow and almost no one was watching this one except the hard core.

“All we need to do next week is tie,” said Simon Tarken, Gothica team captain. “That’s literally the easiest thing in the world to do, especially in this league. We have an opponent next week that will have to pull out all the stops and all we need to do is finish with a tie to win the championship.”

“We’ve never pulled for another club to win so badly,” said Ephraim Colton, Shamrock Celtic Manager. “Next week, though, Real Olympia has the full support of every single Shamrock Celtic player and supporter. They can win. If Real wins and we win, we win the title. The only way we can win the title is if Real Olympia scores one more goal than Gothica next week.”

“This title is ours,” said Peter Stark, Gothica Manager. “We can’t just tie next week, we need to send a message to the league: we are the champions. This is our championship. We aren’t going to tie next week, we’re going to win.”

“Gothica can’t lose,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “They’d have to sit all their starters against Real to lose, that isn’t going to happen. They’ve had some issues in the end but they are walking away with the championship. I know its a week early, but I’d like to congratulate them right now on winning the league. They should have done it with a bigger margin, but that wouldn’t have been a spectacular season finale like we’re going to have.”

“I look forward to next week,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator. “One club will walk away with a championship, the rest will be preparing their clubs for next season. I’m just grateful that there will be a next season, and I’m glad this season ended with such a bang.”

One week left, and then the off season. Are you ready?

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