ESPL Week 22 – And There Would Be Champions

The race came right down to the end, the fate of the league’s first season is capped off with one club being crowned the champions. Will the leaders coming into the week, Gothica, pull out their victory? Will their closest competitors, Shamrock Celtic, overcome the odds and win the championship? Only the recap will tell in the season finale of the first ever season in the Emerald Specter Premier League. Let’s get to the action.



Wordsmiths hosted Shamrock Celtic in the week opener, only to get routed 6-0 as Celtic fought to stay afloat in the league. Shamrock Celtic’s goals came from Shamus O’Mara, Kip Nguyen, Marco Kaspazov, Thor Skjelstad, and two from Arak Shemin. Wordsmiths weren’t able to convert a single chance into a goal, and they only got three chances. Most of the match was spent on Wordsmiths’ side of the pitch, battling to keep the away side out of their net.

“I couldn’t be prouder of my team mates,” said Patrick Barnes, Shamrock Celtic forward. “This is a great cap to the season.”

Knightsquare hosted Vulcan FC and Halo hosted Sporting Black Cats to scoreless draws.

Real Olympia hosted Gothica in the must see match of the week, and Gothica pulled out a 1-0 victory to seal their championship in this inaugural season. The goal came off the foot of Simon Tarken, the team’s captain. The goal came at 6′ into the match and though they tried to score more, Gothica only needed the one in order to secure the league. More on that after the rest of the recap.

Allen FC hosted Naval Armada in a 1-1 draw, with Allen scoring off of Max Vice’s foot and Naval Armada scoring off of Pedro DeJesus’s foot. Emerald United hosted Shazam CM in a 1-1 draw, United’s goal came from David Jason and Shazam’s goal came from Jackson Alexander.

“It is my pleasure to award the ESPL Championship to Gothica,” said DJ Allen, ESPL founder. Allen was present in Olympia for their victory. “They fought hard and persevered, even though the end looked a little uncertain. This is a momentous occasion for the league in that Gothica will always be remembered as the first champions of the league. Enjoy the win.”


“There was no way we weren’t winning this cup,” said Peter Stark, Gothica Manager as he hoisted the ESPL Cup. “I had faith that we, as a club, could accomplish this goal and I look forward to us defending this championship all next season. This is the first of many, folks. Enjoy it.”

“I think we can enjoy ourselves for a week or two,” said Simon Tarken, Gothica team captain. “After that, I want us to start working on next season because champions don’t rest. Champions are never satisfied.”

“This one is for the supporters,” said Donovan Righte, Gothica forward. “This one is for the fans!”

Gothica won, leaving Shamrock Celtic’s victory a little hollow. Shamrock Celtic declined to make an official statement in response.

What does the off season hold? Time will tell.

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