ESPL Week 4 – Big Goals

Let’s wrap up week 4 in the ESPL, where we saw a lot of great goals and another red card to send a player out for a few weeks!


Halo hosted Real Olympia in the first game of the week. There was no scoring in the first half but Ghudra Nmamba broke the drought at 54′ for Halo. The next goal came one minute later at 55′ when Arlow Powers scored for Real Olympia to bring them even. At 77′ Scott Stennon delivers the winning goal from over 20 yards out to give Halo the victory.


Knightsquare hosted Allen FC in the second game of the week. Knight square’s Claude Deveraux scored at 23′ to put the hosts up early in the first half. The second half saw November Nstinga at 61′ just plain outrun the defense to put a goal into the corner to even things up for the final draw.


Naval Armada hosted Gothica in the highest scoring game of the ESPL. William Tavern put the first goal for Naval Armada at 19′ in a decisive way. Naval Armada went in for another one when Vance Alexander scored at 38′, making the home crowd feel as if they were unstoppable. Gothica snuck one in when Victor Vesselin spun to score at 41′ for the last goal of the half. The second half saw the scoring bust wide open when Matt Craven scored for Naval Armada at 49′ to extend the lead. Vance Alexander earns a yellow card to give a penalty kick to Donovan Righte at 55′, giving Gothica another breath of hope. Khan Galaxy, heralded “best player in the league,” scores for Naval Armada at 60′ when he floated a free kick just over the wall and under the keeper to put the hosts even further out. At 73′ Gothica’s Juan Avilaperez put in a fabulous shot to try to close the gap again. At 80′ Naval Armada’s Xavier Masters puts in another beautiful shot to maintain the lead. That didn’t last long, though, as at 81′ Donovan Righte knocks in his second goal of the game. At 88′ Gothica’s Hiro Takahashi evens the score at 5-5 with a lovely header off of a corner kick. Donovan Righte earned a yellow card at 89′ for taking out Khan Galaxy’s legs but the game ended with the draw.


Emerald United hosted Sporting Black Cats in the fourth game of the week and the last one for Sunday, January 24. In only 13′, Garrett Parker puts the first goal in from the edge of the keeper’s box to put Emerald United in the lead. Victor Khrushchev scores an equalizer at 35′ for Sporting Black Cats. The second half saw the only score of the game come at 53′ from Joe Olman on Emerald United’s corner kick to win 2-1.


Wordsmiths hosted Shazam CM for the first “highlight” game of the week. Jason White scores at 4′ for Wordsmiths to give the home crowd something to cheer about. At 10′ Calvin Casey puts in the second one for Wordsmiths. Calvin Casey earns a yellow card that helps Corey Carson score at 34′ from a penalty kick. At 36′ Hoshi Tanaka scores the equalizer for Shazam, quieting the crowd quiet a bit for the rest of the half. The second half opened up with a goal at 78′ Karl Schmidt scores for Shazam, giving the away side the lead for the first time in the match. At 83′ Carlos Marcos scores for Shazam when he dribbles right through the defense and into the goal. Josh Franklin scores at 87′ and gives Wordsmiths their third goal of the match. Shazam finishes things off by scoring at 91′ when Taoufik Belbani puts a solid shot right past the keeper to give Shazam the win at 5-3.


Shamrock Celtic hosted Vulcan FC in the spotlight game of the week. At 9′ Casin Klopp scores first for Vulcan, earning the first opening goal for an away side to open a match this week. Casin Klopp earned himself a yellow card for taking down Arak Shemin, who at 30′ scored for the home side with a well placed free kick. At 38′ Arak Shemin scores again with a beautiful shot right into the corner of the net, just past the keeper’s reach. At 40′ Thor Skjelstad earned a yellow card but Vulcan couldn’t capitalize on the error. The second half saw Thor Skjelstad score at 58′ to put Shamrock Celtic’s third score for the match in with authority. At 72′ Tsung Zhang scored for Vulcan, closing the gap. Arbo Muvata earned a yellow card to give Luis Suarez a penalty kick score at 78′ to extend the Shamrock Celtic lead. Dzung Tran scored at 88′ to help Vulcan close the gap. Casin Klopp earns his yellow/red card when he takes out Arak Shemin for a second time, causing him to be ejected from the match for only the injury time, though the loss for Vulcan is huge.

Week 4
Shazam CM 4 3 1 0 9 5 4 10
Gothica 4 2 2 0 12 10 2 8
Shamrock Celtic 4 2 2 0 8 6 2 8
Allen FC 4 2 2 0 6 4 2 8
Halo 4 2 1 1 8 7 1 7
Emerald United 4 2 1 1 5 4 1 7
Naval Armada 4 1 3 0 9 8 1 6
Sporting Black Cats 4 1 0 3 6 8 -2 3
Wordsmiths 4 1 0 3 9 12 -3 3
Real Olympia 4 0 2 2 3 5 -2 2
Knightsquare 4 0 1 3 8 11 -3 1
Vulcan FC 4 0 1 3 8 11 -3 1

The top club is now Shazam CM, the fourth club in the first four weeks to own the top spot. They defeated Wordsmiths, the first club to hold the top spot to really show they deserved to be on top, at least for this week. In a surprise, Naval Armada boasts a lot of good players but is sitting in the middle of the table without a loss but having more draws than wins. Gothica does slide one spot to second but they proved with their power scoring that they aren’t going anywhere and are eyeballing the top spot still.

Join us next week for more ESPL action!

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