The biggest week yet, as everyone who is anyone, gets their chance to shine in an epic week of goals, guts, and glory. There are so many things to go over, let’s not waste anymore time!


Emerald United hosted Shamrock Celtic as Patrick Barnes returns to action after a 4 week suspension. He did not disappoint. The whole first half was all Patrick Barnes, in his epic return he had nearly fifteen chances as both clubs were having issues gaining anything in the way of an actual score. Barnes was the dominant force on the pitch, though, and didn’t stop until the half ended. The second half saw more of the same, though Emerald United formulated a plan to deal with Barnes. At 68′ Joe Olman put the home side up 1-0, and Barnes seemed to lose focus and became less effective. He was more of a team player from that score on as at 84′ Barnes assisted Arak Shemin in scoring the equalizer to end the game in a draw.


Naval Armada hosted Sporting Black Cats for the awakening of the sleeping giant. At 39′ Khan Galaxy shoots through the first goal for Naval Armada, getting Sporting on their back foot and defending more than attacking. Piotr Khrush scored the second home side goal at 50′, followed by the first goal from Sporting at 52′ by Victor Khrushchev. At 54′ William Tavern gives Armada another goal, followed by Pedro DeJesus at 58′ with the most beautiful goal of the game. Khan Galaxy scores again at 79′, Stephan Khan gets his first goal of the season at 87′, and Sporting puts in a meaningless goal at 91′ when Jean-Louis Pepon has a goal just slide past the keeper in the last moments of the match.


Halo hosted Allen FC in a struggle to break the cycle of draws in the ESPL. The only two goals came at 34′ when Wade Wonder scored for Allen FC and at 87′ when James Traceur evened the game for Halo. This one was a tough defensive battle ending in a draw.


Knightsquare hosted Shazam CM in the final game of Sunday’s action. Jackson Alexander opened the match up with a 48 second goal to catch the home side completely off guard. Hoshi Tanaka scored the second goal for Shazam at 32′, then Knightsquare got their sole goal of the game at 33′ from Claude Deveraux. That left Shazam CM to score at 38′ (Carlos Marcos) and at 87′ with the second Tanaka goal to give Shazam a solid 4-1 victory.


Vulcan FC hosted Gothica in what the supporters see as a decisive victory. All four goals came from Gothica at 21′ Guillermo Martinez scored off of a Boris Putin yellow card (at 20′), at 40′ Boris Putin was sent off with a yellow/red and Gothica scored again at 41′ when Donovan Righte also scored. The final two goals came at 65′ (Norman Tavez) and 85′ (Adam Stonewall) put the nail in the coffin to give Gothica a strong win away.


Wordsmiths hosted Real Olympia in a defensive struggle that ended up in a draw without a score.


Shazam CM’s decisive victory puts them back at the top of the table, with Gothica right on their tale back in the running for the top. Emerald United and Shamrock Celtic’s draw keeps them both near the top and we still have four unbeaten clubs, the same four, which will head into week 8 in the same state.

Week 8 is right around the corner!

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