ESPL Week 8 – Sleeping Giants


With Gothica reclaiming the top of the table, we have ourselves somewhat of a “awaken the sleeping giants” scenario with the three of the top four clubs really making statements.

The first match saw no scores, no cards, and a lot of unhappy players were complaining about poor officiating. Several chances were had, even Scott Stennon putting on in the net was worth note, though it was recalled for being “offsides.”

The second match saw Arlow Powers from Real Olympia putting in the opening goal but Duncan McBriar equalizing late in the second to bring about the draw that ended the match.

The third match saw Tsung Bai scoring for Sporting Black Cats to open the match, which then led to the unstoppable 7 goals from Gothica by Donovan Righte, Adam Stonewall, Guillermo Martinez, Hiro Takahashi, Pierre LaFayette, and 2 from Simon Tarken.

Another blowout occurred in the fourth match when Naval Armada scored 5 goals by Piotr Khrush, Xaviers Masters, and a hat trick by Khan Galaxy. Only two goals came from Wordsmiths, by Jason White and Wonk O’Riley.

The fifth match, and first of the spotlight matches, saw a close battle as Knightsquare scored three goals by Alan Marquardt, Anthony Marconi, and Claude Deveraux. Emerald United scored four, though, by Paco DeJesus, Xin Li, and two by David Jansen to win.

The final match of the week ended in a scoreless draw, just like the first match but Patrick Barnes put forth more attempts than anyone else on either team but failed to capitalize on any of them.

What will happen next week? Only time will tell.

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