I have talked a lot about this and a lot about that as part of Fitness Specter. I am absolutely lifting weights and I have been eating much better than I used to but in the last few weeks, I have fallen off of the “extreme dedication” wagon to languish in the “do what I say, not what I do” type of territory.

As of tonight (well, the night that I actually sat down to write this), I am climbing back on the wagon and I’m going full on fitness.

I had a serious discussion with my wife, who for all intents and purposes is my nutritionist, and I made the conscious and vocal decision to eat 100% clean. That means a very close examination of everything I put into my body. Every calorie. Every gram of fiber. Every milligram of protein. Every sugar. Every fat. I am going to be the picture of healthy eating… when I get back from my vacation. Not to mention I had to Get More Information from many websites and perform elaborate researches to get all of my diet inch-perfect.

For anyone in the dark, I am going on “vacation” to look for a new place to live. Yes, I’m house hunting, and while I’m away I can’t guarantee I’ll have access to the correct foods to eat clean.

Where I’m going I won’t have a Gold’s Gym, so I’m also starting to design my workout around the idea that I’ll be doing this from home. I might have access to a gym but I want to have a contingency plan.

The decision to go full on fitness was born out of the fact that I’ve been spinning my wheels for a while. I have a gut that I wanted to have gone by this time and that gut is still there. There were another 30 pounds that I wanted to have gone by now and I’ve actually GAINED 30 pounds since I reached my all time low (this millennium). So much is wrong with my situation and if I don’t jump all over that I’ll end up back in the 300 pound arena loathing life. Being fat sucks. I don’t want that and I’m going to do something about that.

I am limeflavored on BodySpace, BodyBuilding.com’s social network. If you’d like to join me, request to be my friend. I plan on having all kinds of motivational quotes, motivational pictures, and I plan on making that THE place for fitness with your friend, the Emerald Specter.

Have you thought that this column was hardcore before? You haven’t seen anything yet. I am about to become “that guy” who is going to be going gung-ho and making as many others jump on this bandwagon that I can. I want to prove to myself and to the world that I have what it takes to change this sad, flabby body into a work of art.

I will share what Im doing. I will share what I’m eating. I will share my progress with you at every turn. I don’t know about sharing my fat photos on this website, open to the world, but I will be sharing them on BodySpace. In fact, that is the best place to see progress photos. I will make taking them a priority so you can see that progress is being made. I may even consider competing, if I’m happy with the direction.

Don’t wish me luck. I won’t need it. I will succeed.

Get fit with me.

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