Fitness Specter 13 – No More Excuses

Sure, the weather outside is frightful. No, there’s no fire to be delightful. Since there’s no place to go, why aren’t you lifting? Boom. Twist those lyrics into something about fitness? Done.

Before I slide into the “opening image” that I use to break up the main column and the preamble, I’d like to say that as the time gets closer to my departure from where I live to where I’m going gets nearer, I am finding there is less time to do what I need to in order to stop looking like I do and start looking more like what I want. Trying to get rid of my house is turning out to be more work than I have time for and that is also because I have to work in and around doing all that, too.

Enough complaining…

FitSpecter570I woke up this morning (Veteran’s Day as I write this) and wanted to work out first thing. I can’t, though, as there are plenty of free meal deals I have to jump on at various parts of the day in order to maximize my status. I will be working out later, though, and that is because I’m done giving myself excuses. The only one I really am competing with, here, is myself, and right now I’m losing.

The excuses are varied. I’m stiff. There’s only an hour before bedtime. That show in our Hulu Plus queue is about to expire. I’m too cold. I worked too late. Enough!

My “once weekly” routine of exercising everything is nice to hit all the muscles but isn’t doing me much good in the department of working out regularly. Sure, I get to do this once a week but that day seems to drift throughout the week. Sunday the first week, maybe Monday or Tuesday the next week, then that drifts into Friday… you see how this is working? I need to solidify my routine, or I really can’t call the whole experience a routine, can I?

Let’s think about the word routine for a moment. That indicates that there is a pattern, a solid pattern, that isn’t really deviated from. I’ve been making excuses that make my workout drift later and later in the week and technically that means I’ve skipped a couple weeks here and there because I’m not into a routine yet. That isn’t going to get me healthy.

The other problem, outside of not really utilizing the “routine” as I should, is my nutrition has suffered severely. No, eating out today is not going to really help my situation, but I am not storing things in my house anymore and that makes decent meal preparations tough. I will be making the best choices I can at these free meal deals but I inevitably slip something in there that I shouldn’t be eating… like dessert.

I need to get back on the horse but I also need there to be a stable situation in order to complete a “routine.” Once I settle in to my new home, which is hopefully soon, I can really hit the iron.

Lift it.

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