Fitness Specter 16 – The Death of WAFFLE


If you don’t know what WAFFLE is, then this is going to be a short history of a thing that I’m putting an end to in order to move on with something similar, but different. First, though, let’s explain WAFFLE.

waffleWAFFLE is an acronym for World Association of Fitness Fanatics Loving Exercise. The acronym was a pseudo-joke that I chose because at the time I formed WAFFLE, I was losing weight through walking and improved eating. Naming the fitness organization after an unhealthy food (on average) was my little personal fun while getting healthier.

The idea behind WAFFLE was to combine getting healthier (specifically exercise accomplishments) with the UFC-style of battling. In fact, instead of “fights” one participated in “battles,” goals that you wanted to achieve on a specific day. There were posters made up for these events and there were also weight classes, which is what I actually believe was the reason people didn’t want to participate… no one likes to have everyone else know their weight unless they’re at their ideal weight. Well, of the four people that participated in WAFFLE, two were Superweights, one was a Heavyweight/Cruiserweight, and the other was a Welterweight. I was busy recruiting others, but hey, no one else was coming over.

The idea of a “battle” was choosing a fitness goal, something like “walk 15,000 steps” for a single day, and if you met or exceeded that goal, you had a “win.” If you failed, you had a “loss.” Two competitors were 4-0, the other two were 1-0. Yeah, no losses at all. If you won at least 6 times, you could compete for a championship in your weight class. If there were multiple people in a weight class that wanted to compete against each other, you’d choose a goal that you could both compete in and then the winner would be the one that accomplished the most of whatever the metric was.

Fun? I thought it was.

waffle3The poster for WAFFLE 3, the first “artsy” poster made.

The idea was to give people a fun “UFC” style competition, award championships, and encourage healthy habits through exercise. With the demise of WAFFLE, which is officially the date of this particular column, goes away some of the “oddities” without letting the idea behind WAFFLE disappear.

So, am I launching a new fitness organization? Yes, yes I am.

Forget about the pun/joke acronym for the association. Forget about the weight classes. Forget about the championships (for now). Forget about randomly choosing a metric to achieve. Forget about everything WAFFLE did and wandered because of a lack of focus.

I haven’t named the new organization and I haven’t come up with the specific direction that the new organization will take. There will be a clear set of metrics to achieve and those will be goals for you to accomplish and not compete against others… only compete against yourself. There won’t be specific dates to accomplish these goals on, either, rather a range of time that you can accomplish these goals in. Things will change and things will have more focus. Things will encourage fitness, health, and nutrition, making us all better people in the end.

There will be competition… it’ll just be competing with yourself.


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