Fitness Specter 17 – Motivation


One thing people do when they make a promise to get healthy is fall off the wagon really easily. In order to not fall off that wagon, you need motivation. In order to get that motivation, sometimes you need to seek that motivation out. I’m here to talk about that motivation.

I have subscribed to several pages on Facebook that have a steady stream of motivational imagery and those little pictures that just have words on them. All of them are inspirational and all of them motivate me to get off my lazy, fat ass and lift something heavy… repeatedly. One of the feeds I subscribe to is of the “Female Hardbody,” ladies that like to work out and get ripped. Yeah, I’m married and I’m looking at fit ladies, but not for the reasons you think.

Looking at the ladies make me realize that I’d fat. Yeah, I’ve gained back some of the weight I lost this year (2014) and I have been bogged down with holiday delivery. Yes, I’m once again I’m writing this well before you’re reading it… and with any luck, I’ve hit the weights again.

Not only am I subscribed to the eye candy, I have the IFBB Mr. Olympia contestants to look at. I know I’ll never look like a Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dennis Wolff, Shawn Rhoden, Roelly Winklar, and Branch Warren… but I can still work out and feel like I look like them. And when I lift, that’s what I feel like. I feel jacked up.

I also like to see the quotes that are images (but are nothing but words). “Never give up.” “Do what others say you can’t.” There are lots of them, but I can’t think of many of them right now. The point is, I see them and I want to lift things… repeatedly.

You need to have that type of motivation in order to keep moving forward. You need that motivation in order to keep working towards your goal. There are so many that want to prevent you from getting ahead because they don’t have the strength to do that on their own. You need to be able to do things with a simple phrase or image so that you can be better than those others. Others don’t want you to succeed.

Don’t believe that?

How many times has your best buddy done anything to help you get to the gym? How many times have they offered to eat something that isn’t loaded with processed carbs, white flour, and generally non-nutritional items? How many times have anyone that you normally associate with that would do anything to help you get buff? If you answered any of those in a positive fashion, then you have great friends. I don’t.

I need the motivation. I need the reassurance. I need the reminding. I was weak… but now I’m not. I will do what is tough now so that I can easily accomplish what others won’t. I will break through the barriers others erect to prevent themselves from attaining greatness. Go find that motivation.

Lift with me.

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