Fitness Specter 21 – Super Setback


Did you know the Super Bowl just happened? Were you aware that a great many people eat a great many things that aren’t good for one during the Super Bowl? Well, I was one of those people.

As I write these words, my wife is 1500 miles away from me. Well, more, really, but that is a nice round figure. I didn’t have anywhere to go for the big game, so I went ahead and went to one of my favorite local establishments (for what will end up being the last few times since I plan on one more trip). They had a free Super Bowl potluck laid out for anyone to eat and, well, I ate. I ate too much, I ate too poorly, and I gained 6 full pounds.


In and of itself, the gain is not terrible. I’ve already shed some of the weight that I put on and I’m working on getting back down to my most recent gains that I was so proud of after getting back on a healthy diet. This leads me to start talking about something that people don’t realize when one is “eating clean.”


I started the night out with a salad a few hours before the big game. I had intended to buy a burger and enjoy that, too, keeping a lot of the protein sources I usually eat on the burger added to prevent me from getting super hungry (peanut butter, fried egg, bacon… just to name a few). Well, the allure of free Super Bowl food won out and I have now paid the price. I gained a butt ton of weight.

Since I began the final stretch of my time in North Dakota I started eating clean. Plain chicken breasts and rice. Bags of vegetables. Protein based cereals. Meal bars that are healthy. Soup. These are the things that helped me lose 10 pounds in 5 days. I gained 6 of those pounds back in one sitting. Damn me.

Writing this I am preparing to go lift weights until I sweat good and heavy. I am going to do squats until my legs cry out in agony for me to stop. I am going to do deadlifting that will cause my muscles to quiver and then use ligandrol for my muscle to get bigger and recover quick.  I will curl, pull, fly, and press everything until I’m so tired that I want to just sleep right then and there. This is how I plan on getting back on track.

This is what I need to do.

The weight has always been an issue for me since I got out of the Navy. There is a constant struggle with losing the weight and the almighty “number” I am supposed to be at. The number isn’t so much important to me anymore as the fact that I don’t want to look “squishy.” I want to have muscles. I want to be less pudge and more muscles. I don’t want to look down and see a gut. The “number” is still in the back of my mind but the definition of what I’m after is less about the number and more about the health.

It’s time to reclaim my body.


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