Fitness Specter 23 – Dawn of the Day

I’m using the old logo for this one because I haven’t made the new one in the appropriate size yet. Live with it.

oday marks the start of a new era for me. As of writing this, I have returned to being just over 300 pounds again and I’m tired of being fat. My move is no longer an excuse and the fact that there are plenty of healthy options in Portland for me to NOT eat terribly is really making my current situation look even worse.

Today… yes, TODAY, my wife will be joining me for the first day of working out at home. Today is chest and triceps day and I’m going to work until failure, all failure. There will be talk about cardio tonight but that is probably just going to be the walk I take at lunch, or maybe even a walk with my wife tonight. She won’t be working out to failure, I will. I want to sweat in a way that hasn’t been seen by my body since early last year. I don’t have a gym anymore and there isn’t one I trust close enough to make me want to go workout there but I do have a means to do this at home and we are going for it.

Nothing we make for food at home is unhealthy. We eat whole grain bread, lots of veggies, and nothing we buy has high fructose corn syrup in it. That being said, I still need to monitor my portions. By the end of the month of May, I plan on being under 290 pounds. I actually plan on being LESS than that but I won’t set the bar too high to succeed. I am telling you right now that I WILL succeed.

Weight is just a number. Unfortunately, in my specific case at this specific time, that number is a high one and the consequences of that number mean I can’t fit into the clothes that I bought when I achieved 91 pounds lost. Having regained all but 30 of those pounds, I need to start losing weight again or I’m going to be buying fat clothes and no one wants that again. So, I won’t set a number but I will be under 250.

Like Ingress, which I play, I’m turning this into a game. I’m “gamifying” working out, self improvement, or whatever you want to call it. There will be badges, which I would have posted earlier but I’m still finalizing them. I’m hoping that keeps the wife interested enough in wanting to continue working out, too… I really do need a partner in this.

Tonight, after work (I write this at 4:30 AM), I shall make the new Fitness Specter graphic. I shall finalize the badges (and level badges) and post something that shows we’ve done what we set out to do. I’ll make a Fitness Specter column as often as I see fit and hopefully I’ll continue making them on the Fridays like I had before… Fitness Friday was a nice little thing to keep up with.

The Olympia is coming in the next few months and I’d like to not look like the average couch sitter when that happens. I want to be smaller, I want to be more fit, and I’d like to have some muscle to display that I can be proud of… and I’d like to be fitting into the awesome shirts that only fit me when I’m smaller.

It’s time to get fit. It’s time to start TODAY. Stop waiting… don’t say it will happen tomorrow… tomorrow never comes.

Lift it.

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