Fitness Specter 25 – The World Conspires Against Me

Jumping back in with both feet sometimes is a terrible idea. As my wife, who now has worked out with weights one day that I haven’t, points out: she’s still able to move without pain and is enjoying the process of weightlifting. I took a night off because I can barely bend over without screaming out in pain. Too heavy, too soon.

Yesterday, I set about walking 11,000 steps as my cardio to aid in my low calorie count to lose weight. I succeeded in hitting my step count, although that was a chore, and ended up losing 2.4 pounds from the day before. Since this worked, I’ll be attempting the feat again. I am still so sore I can barely bend over but I want to lift weights and there is something else I desperately need: sleep.

The title of this column is “The World Conspires Against Me” because I think that there is a conspiracy to try to keep me fat here in Portland. Is it overt? Is it actually there? Do things seem to conveniently fall into place that hinder my progress? The answers are no, no, and yes.

Today, as I write this at almost 5 in the morning, I am supposed to have today off. A coworker is sick and thus I am required to go in for about 5 hours to work. Do I expect to lose tomorrow off, too? At this point, I’m guessing that is a likely scenario because I really need to sleep in and since I can’t get that to happen, I don’t think the world will just let me go ahead and sleep.

I don’t mind working, I really don’t. What bothers me is that everyone else seems to be getting their full time off and I keep getting shafted. I have some training coming up that will keep me from working weird hours for a month but how long will that actually last? For the first two weeks I’m physically in a training class but the two weeks after that I’m supposed to be unbothered and studying on my own AT WORK. I don’t see anyone leaving me alone to do that, do you?

Despite the “fresh, hot doughnuts” sign illuminated at the Krispy Kreme yesterday, the caramel and cinnamon scone the wife got yesterday, and the allure of chicken and waffles from Cartlandia, I managed to keep my caloric intake to just 2,100 calories. I’ve been consuming more than that and after holding myself to JUST that, I realize that I’ve been eating most of the day, everyday since I got here. Today, I’m not even taking in a lunch to reinforce to my boss and stomach that I’m not staying long enough to need to eat there.

Every morning I eat a bowl of cereal. Most mornings it’s a granola cereal that has clustered nuts in them and they are delicious. This morning I had the Trader Joe’s version of Honey Nut Cheerios. The granola cereal is also from Trader Joe’s and the nutrition is very healthy. As I ramp back my overeating I’m looking forward to trimming down the other meals into a stable and consistent order. For example, I used to eat chicken and rice for every lunch and I stopped doing that because the options needed to be mixed up a little… and I’m already looking at going back to that because at least my weight was lower.

No, the world isn’t conspiring against me. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’m being slowly killed, though, because I need sleep and I need some days off.

I’m also going to be walking another 11,000 steps today because I really need to, again.

Lift it.

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