Fitness Specter 26: Stop Being So Macho

Don’t be a dumb ass. Don’t try to impress your wife with your weightlifting prowess by going heavier than you should be lifting. I did that and ended up needing three days off to recover… three days she worked out making me feel bad. She wins. I am a wiener.

So, the first night with my wife and I lifting went well. The second night went well. The third night went well. The plan was for us to repeat everything again and take Sunday off… well, I couldn’t freaking move after night three because I went and lifted what I thought I needed to in order to be the fitness expert. Well, I look like a tool, don’t I?

Neither I nor my wife want her to be a bulky weightlifter. I’d like the toned fitness look but I don’t need anyone sporting muscles the size of mine… or the ones that I want. Tonight, before writing this, I lifted less than what I thought I needed to at every exercise and while I feel tired, I don’t feel sore at the level I did last week. I should be able to go all week at this rate instead of needing to take off the next four or five days to recover. That is a good thing because I really would like to be working out 6 times a week.

Something I haven’t mentioned to my wife yet, though I’ll be doing that right after this column, is that we could be doing lots of exercises three times a week instead. I think she genuinely enjoys the nightly workouts but I think she’ll also like the lack of needing to clear her nights to work out six times a week in favor of a more general workout. At least I can suggest the lightened load on weeks we don’t have the time to do a full round of weightlifting.

Right now, she is lifting SelecTech dumbbells that are dialed in at 7.5 pounds a piece. Tonight, I dialed them in at 15 pounds a piece. Basically, if I’m not doing at least double what she’s doing, I feel like a wuss, but oddly, that seems to be exactly where I needed to back off to… and instead of needing to lift 50 pounds in one lift, I can lift 450 in 15. I also don’t get so tired that I want to sleep for a week.

We will both be ramping up over time, a click of weight here, a full dial there. In about six months, I expect to be lifting 25 pounds per dumbbell, and in a year I expect to be lifting almost 40. Why so much? Because I want to be slimming down and bulking up in a good way… I want to have some muscles and I know that I’ll eventually need a gym, I’d like to get into the habits here at home and get consistent.

Doesn’t that sound like a nifty plan? I think so and I’m getting healthier by doing that.

I’ve gained some of the weight back, taking my time off, but I’m hoping that the workout I just finished helps with taking that back off.

Lift it.

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