Fitness Specter 27: Time to Start Again

I find myself in an odd predicament in my new city that I didn’t think would be a problem: I’m regaining all my weight. As of this morning, while I’m ashamed to report this, I hit 316 again. That does not make me happy.

There are three contributing factors that I can point to that have resulted in my “return to size” upward swing:

  1. Portion control is out of control
  2. I’m not doing exercises when I should be
  3. I’ve started drinking more often than I’d like

I ranked those in that order for a reason. My number one problem is, and always has been, portion control. I am back in the mindset of “I need the largest portion” whenever the option is given. I shouldn’t be in that mindset but it’s happened. I need to return to not even finishing my meals, having leftovers is not a terrible thing. Hell, I need to go back to full on splitting meals with my wife. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a good long time.

I’m making a pledge to get back on the wagon. I need to be held accountable for my terrible choices and I need to start watching my calories like a hawk again. I hate, and I mean really loathe, keeping track of every calorie I consume. The process is tedious, hard to remember to actually log, and I even forget things that contain calories once in a while. This will be necessary, though, as I struggle to keep my caloric intake to 2000 or less. Let me tell you that I drank that much last night in alcoholic beverages (okay, maybe not 2000 but pretty damn close).

First things first: start tracking calories. I’m going to eliminate one entire meal with a meal replacement shake (or just a protein shake, as that is essentially what I’m needing when I replace a meal. I have 3 or 4 varieties of protein powder at the moment so having some options won’t be a problem. When I do eat, I’m going to limit (severely) what I’m eating. Home based meals are not my problem, in case you were wondering, with the portion control… oddly enough, we don’t make enough to worry about eating too much most times. What I have issues with are the meals we eat out. Unless I’ve physically seen the portion of food at least once before, I’m going to assume that it is too large for me to eat all at once and plan to take at least a quarter of the meal home (or leave it there, or share it). There are a lot of wonderful places to eat in Portland and I think that getting my mindset back into the “don’t eat it all” mode will be important for losing weight.

Second thing, and this one I am most ashamed about: start exercising again. Cardio workouts are what I need, so no worries about muscle building at this time. I’m going to focus on the number that is my weight rather than how I might be able to get “bigger” in the muscles I’m interested in building. I think my split focus on weight loss and bodybuilding before may have been too much at once. I need to get rid of my belly first and foremost, since I know I’ll never look like Phil Heath, Kai Greene, or Shawn Rhoden. Not just because they’re all black, either.

Third, I need to lay off the alcohol. I’ve drank 4 out of the last 7 nights and that is uncalled for… even for being trapped inside with the sweltering heat we’re dealing with at the moment, the excuses need to stop. Had a 250 calorie beverage? Well, I guess you’ve just added 15 more minutes to your exercises tomorrow. That should slow my ass down on the drinking a bit.

I live in one of the healthiest cities in America: Portland, OR. I have the limitless options of things without corn syrup (any level), things that are organic, and things that are fresh. I’ve been making terrible food choices and I need to stop thinking like someone who is hungry and start thinking like someone who is hungry to lose some fucking weight.

Goal number one: lose at least 2 pounds a week. My expectation is much higher but I’ll be happy with 2 pounds per week. I mentioned above that I weighed in at 316 this morning… that means by the end of the week (I’m going to start using postal weeks, which start on Saturday, because that’s just easier on me) I should weigh no more than 314. Friday, July 24, I will weigh no more than 314. By the end of July, I’d like to weigh UNDER 300, which is another goal I’ll set for myself, but we shall see.

This is a new quest. This quest is to reach the achievement I had before (91 pounds lost) and keep going to reach my ultimate goal of 128 pounds lost. I chose 200 pounds to weigh before I started the first journey and I’m heading back in that direction.

Cheer me or get the fuck out of my way.

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