There has been a lot of things going on lately and I wanted to check in with another Fitness Specter for a brief, yes brief, little snippet about what I’ve established and how this will help me move forward.

I’ve been working overnights for the past 4 nights and in a place that is almost completely opposite of what I’m used to: non-stop movement. My friends on FitBit will notice how my steps skyrocketed over the last few days and how that number will plummet after I get back out into the regular job again, sitting on my ass most of the day again.

In this constant state of motion, I’ve been unable to shovel food into my face, which is part of my eating problem. I have had three, sometimes four if I don’t sleep in long enough, meals that are very precise and healthy. I’m hoping to continue this pattern now that I’ll be back and able to shovel food into my face again. I will be in a different part of town and I’m hoping that opens up some healthier eating options nearby because my old station isn’t positioned in the best location for healthy eating.

Well, there was my brief check in and I look forward to posting more now that I’ll be back to a regular human schedule again (days). Side note: I did apply to work those hours permanently, so we’ll see how that works out.


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