Fitness Specter 29: The Longest Run Ever


This morning I ran. I got up an hour early, I went outside, and I ran. As the title of this column indicates, this was a hard run. I worried that I wouldn’t make it halfway before walking and I’m glad I made it almost a full mile before I had to start walking (the incline of the sidewalk and the throbbing of my legs, in combination with the tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing). I did run here and there afterwards but the point is that I got up and did something.

I’m tired of being tired and fat.

Evaluating my nutrition over the past few months, I’ve noticed that what I’ve been eating isn’t bad… in fact, most of what I’ve been eating are things I would have chosen to eat on a diet… meaning that there is something else causing my issues with weight gain.

I want to be accountable, so I’m going to tell you that this morning I was 314.6 pounds and that is the lightest I’ve been in almost a full month. That’s really sad but the only thing I knew that was different was my environment. I’m in a place, now, with the best healthy options I’ve ever had exposure to and more options than ever before…

The decision to run was a long time coming. I don’t have a gym here, I haven’t really found one that I’m interested in… plus I am not entirely sure I want to hit the gym again, yet. I had to decide whether or not what I’m doing is about weight loss or about gaining muscle. I have decided that what I want at this point is weight loss.

Tomorrow, I’ll get back up and do this all over again. I may choose a different route but I am going to run. I want to lose weight, I want this heavy belly I have hanging off of me significantly less prominent (gone, ideally).

Sorry about how short this is, but I’d rather have a short column than wait days to talk about this. I’m working on podcasting (just found some software to test) and fitness will definitely be part of that.

Get up and move.

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