Fitness Specter 30: Ugh

Something isn’t right. I’m not doing something I should be doing. What that thing is I cannot say but today starts the really dedicated research and learning that I need to do in order to accomplish a goal. I’m about to become really dedicated to a minute few items and really push forward to succeed. Unfortunately, fitness isn’t the only thing that I need to do this with… it’s time to read more about the Fitness Specter.


I ran a couple of days ago and I’m sore the few days later. This was to be expected. I said I was going to run the next day and I didn’t because I had to get up much earlier in order to get to work, so I opted to not run. The day after that, today, I should have gotten up early to run, too, but opted to sleep in because I’m not sleeping long enough. I have a rest problem and I’m not making any progress.

I am entering into a time in my life when I am trying to accomplish a few things that need complete focus. This means I need to play less Madden NFL 16. This means I need to watch less TV. This means I need to watch less movies. This means I need to buckle down and start making logs of things, writing things, and getting laser focused on making myself better. I will succeed because I am going to push hard to succeed.

In the month of September, Top Cow Productions is holding it’s annual (well, they’re taking a year off after this, but it still is technically annual) talent hunt. I am going to participate. That was going to be my major focus but because I’m constantly tired of being fat and no matter what I seem to do I can’t gain any traction, I’m going to SPLIT my attention because I am interested in being less flighty and more dedicated. That means I have to be focused on two things.

Is my problem how much I’m eating? I know what I’m eating isn’t the problem because I’m eating healthier now than I’ve ever eaten. I even make smarter choices at restaurants than I used to (eating a salad instead of the biggest, greasiest looking thing on the menu). I thought I was eating less, too, but maybe I’m eating the same amount as I always have… I have had a portion control problem but how long do I feel hungry in a day before I start not feeling hungry between normal spaced times between meals?

Next week (starting tomorrow), I start walking along with people each day as part of my job. I’m doing an inspection, to put a term to it, and the people I’m inspecting will be doing 95% walking because that’s what they do. The last time I did one of these inspections I walked over 10 miles… because they walked over 10 miles. Despite knowing that I’m about to get more walking done in the next 6 days than I normally get to in an entire month, I’m going to make a decision to get up early tomorrow (and every day) to run. I will run every morning, except for one, every week.

Does this mean I need to be cognizant of what time I’m going to bed? Does this mean that I need to understand that I’m going to be super sore and super tired for the next six days, at least, and probably longer? Does this mean that I need to make super smart food choices, restricting my intake to make sure I’m eating only what I need to in order to make it through a day? Does this mean I need to stop whining and start winning?

The answer to all of those is “yes.”

Step up or step off. This is the week that makes or breaks me. This is the week that will either get me completely back on the fitness wagon or this is the week that I close this column down and start closing my mouth and realize I’m going to be a fat ass for the rest of my life. It’s time to put up or shut up.

I’d like to say that I’m going to write a Fitness Specter each day in order to report my progress but I can’t promise that. I’ll surely write at least once in this week to make sure I’m reporting some kind of progress (or lack of progress) but I can’t promise if that will happen more than once.

This is either the last time I make bold and progressive statements about making oneself better or this is the first of many columns that will track actual progress.

Last year, I lost 97 pounds. I’ve put all but 10 pounds of that back on (as of this morning, I’ve put all but 11 pounds back on). I was down 3 pounds two days ago and I’m back up as of this morning. Did I overeat? No. Did I move less than normal? No. What was the reason for this weight gain? I don’t know, but I’m going to punish my body, my muscles, and my diet for not doing what needs to be done.

I’ll let you know what I discover. I’ll chronicle the types of things that I’m eating. I’ll give regular (as I can) updates on my level of physical activity. I will move forward or I’ll shut up completely because I’m a hypocrite and unable to accomplish the things I set out to accomplish.

This is the longest Fitness Specter I’ve written this year. It’s time to do this more and start doing other things less. I need to be more active and if I’m unwilling to change the things I do, I can change the things I do while I do those things.

All this will be told in the future posts. Hopefully I’m not just writing this to write something. I will win.

Want to win with me?

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