Fitness Specter 32: Something’s Wrong

I’m crying foul here. This is bullshit.

I am walking more steps than ever at the moment. I’m moving around more than ever. I’m eating as good as I ever have. So a question must be raised, then: why the fuck aren’t I losing weight?


Aside from starving myself at this current moment, I don’t see any other way to lose weight. I lost two pounds the day I ran and walked for nearly 25,000 steps and even though I got 18,000 steps yesterday, I managed to gain a pound. I’ve walked more steps in two days than I did most of last week and I gain weight?


My feet are killing me right now, I won’t lie. I have to walk another 15,000-20,000 steps today and probably up a lot of hills and steps… I’m guessing that will result in a 3 pound weight gain because why the fuck wouldn’t it, right? The only way I could be getting more steps than I am right now is if I remove all seating from everywhere and walk in place while I’m running all my stupid reports on the computer… I should also chuck my couch out of the window because why would I need to sit at home, either? Hey, why don’t I also just stop sleeping because that is valuable time I could be using to get more steps in.

I ate a moderate sized bowl of cereal yesterday. I ate a Cesar chicken salad for lunch with a Gatorade and a Mojo bar. I had 50% vegetables in my buffet that I’d taken my wife to and I didn’t get a third of the stuff I normally get at a buffet PLUS there was an entire plate full less than what I’d normally eat there.

What the actual fuck is wrong?

I told my wife last night that after this week, if I’m not significantly down in weight that I’d probably need to seek some actual medical help for this. Right now, that percentage of chance that is actually going to happen went up from 50% to 75%. If I had the time right now, I’d start booking the appointment but I can’t get a day off from work other than Sunday because someone somewhere thinks I’m an incompetent boob. “Make a mistake? Well, it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do, we’re sending you to do what is part of the problem.”

This isn’t about fitness anymore, so I’m going to go back to that topic.

I will pay close attention to how many steps I take today. I’ll be walking with someone a little faster than yesterday because I need to have my heart rate up for HealthKit on my watch to register 30 minutes of exercise. That didn’t happen yesterday, I’d be surprised if I was in double digits. I needed a lighter day with what happened on Monday. I need to get back on the wagon and start moving vigorously.

Monday morning I ran and haven’t ran since. Yesterday I was nursing an injured foot and today I was just trying to scrape out 8 hours of sleep. Tonight I’ll be doing the same because I know sleep is an important part of all this process.

It’s just a damn shame that work has to be such a drag when it comes to actually having any sort of free time. Think I’m going to answer my phone on my week off that’s been approved? Fuck that. I’m off.

Time to cut this one off… I’ll report again later this week.

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