Fitness Specter 4

Have you learned, yet?  What I mean is: have you been eating clean?

FitSpecter300I had missed a great many days in the gym over the course of the last couple of months.  There is a lot I feel bad about not doing and the fact that I’m back in the gym and hitting the weights makes me feel good… well, sore, but in a good way.  Now I’m getting ready to ramp up to something a little more complicated than I’ve done before.

Let’s go back a little… let’s look at what I was doing when I started going to the gym and stopped using walking as my only means of fitness.

When I was originally going to the gym, I started hitting machines and weights that I knew what they did.  I used a lot of Nautilus style machines and followed instructions for what I was supposed to do on the machine.  I’m not some sort of champion body builder, nor am I someone who wants to look like a jackass in the gym, so I wanted to make sure I was being safe.  After about three weeks of essentially spinning my wheels with trying this and that, I decided to do something different.

Looking up an exercise regimen online has a lot of results from  As you can imagine, I started looking at the site and I decided that I was interested enough to go ahead and poke myself around the place… and I liked what I saw.  There was an app, BodySpace, for iOS and I downloaded that sucker.  Now I’m connected, I have a place that I track my workouts on, and I have videos to show me how to do the things I really should be doing.  Great, there we go with about 20 weeks worth of working out.

I took a gigantic break and then I was back up about 20 lbs and really hating myself.

Using the website to build some workouts, I started looking at what was available at my gym and what would isolate the areas I wanted to work on.  I built a set of two plans that I would alternate.  A few weeks later, I altered them to suit my workout a little better and did them for a few more weeks.  I altered them a third time and that took me right up into my unscheduled break.  Now I am on free weights only and I just got a plan from someone who actually competes in bodybuilding competitions.

Her whole family basically competes.  That’s a nice resource to have.

I will be sharing this workout plan after I’ve used the thing for a few weeks.  I want to know what I think of it and how to evaluate it for myself before I recommend that to anyone else.  First, though, I need to keep eating healthy.

I failed for supper today, but one bump in a sea of two full days of trying is a nice bump to look at and say “next time it should be four days.”  Let’s see if I can start going longer without breaking the streak.

Pump it up.

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