Fitness Specter 5 – The New Blueprint

I’ve been doing my own thing since the third week in January with working out and I do feel like my muscles have gotten bigger, I do feel like I’ve gotten more fit, and I am happy with the meager progress I’ve made… but I had to do something different and I certainly needed to get in a specific plan, workout plan, to make myself into what I really want to be and that means I needed to seek out some very specific help.

This is the talk about my new blueprint.

FitSpecter300On, there is a section of the website that has workout plans and part of those plans is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint.  That’s the reason for the name of this column, though I’m not following that particular plan.  I just liked the idea of a blueprint.

Rather than just lift weights, which is essentially what I was doing, I decided to ask someone for some professional advice.  I didn’t hire a trainer but I did talk to a friend who competes in fitness competitions.  Actually, I asked three of them and one actually gave me something substantial to work with.

What I had been doing was focusing on specific types of muscle groups.  I’d work very specifically a chest and triceps day, biceps another day, and I wouldn’t really work the legs a whole lot.  I wasn’t doing as many compound movements as I could and I was really falling into a funk.  Cardio wasn’t big on my list and I was basically treading water.  I needed a change.

Then I talked to the friend.

The first thing she did was give me five sets of workouts that were designed to push me to the limit, build up muscle, and burn with lighter lifting in all one workout.  The first day I was exhausted, still no cardio, and the second day I was surprised when I was done because I felt I could do more.  Still no cardio.  Day three starts tomorrow, as I write this, and I’m looking forward to the workout… and I’m including a healthy dose of cardio because I want to get somewhere.

I have an eating problem.  I eat healthy but I snack.  I get on a roll with eating this and that and I do eat healthy items but I eat too many calories without doing enough calorie burning.  I think that 45 minutes on the endless staircase tomorrow will help burn a lot of that off… especially since I’m going to go back to wearing something to cause me to sweat a whole lot more than I have been…

I’m going to get pumped up.

I made a joke to my wife earlier that I think I may want to get as big as Phil Heath or Kai Greene, because then there wouldn’t be any sagging skin… because as is, I’ll probably have to have that surgically removed… I don’t want to be that big, but it would be cool.  I just don’t have that kind of dedication.

But I’m going to see what kind I have starting tomorrow (because right now, it’s 10 pm and I’m on my way to bed).

Let’s go lift.

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