Fitness Specter 8 – Road Workouts

Sometimes you have to leave town.  Sometimes you have to leave town for an extended period of time.  There are even sometimes when you can’t get yourself to your gym when you go out of town.  This column is all about working out options that don’t involve going to a gym.

FitSpecter300Not everybody has the same options but you need to be active while you’re away anyway, meaning you need to have yourself an “out of town” plan for working out.  I have one and I know that I’m about to be going out of town… well, at least for this example.

Or maybe I am actually going on a trip.

The idea is to continue things as closely to your routine as possible.  Or if you’re doing some sort of super power lifting bulking up program, maybe you just want to go to a gym.  They’ll have the weights you’re looking for… this column won’t.

What I’m looking at are two, maybe even three, alternatives to your normal routine.  There’s the “cardio the bejesus out of yourself” but if you’re out of town for more than a week, trying to cardio that much will just be terrible.  Why not use your bodyweight as the weights?  I’m talking about pushups, pull-ups, and basically looking at utilizing things in your hotel room.  Maybe the chair allows you to work your triceps (dips), the chair may also be heavy enough to curl (biceps), though only slightly different chairs in mind for that one.

What about bringing along some weights?  I’m not talking about staking your car full of weights that can help fulfill your biggest desires while on the road… grab some medium weight dumbbells that can help you tone some muscles and build other muscles.  If you have access to them, how about the BowFlex SelecTech dumbbells?  They have multiple selects for weight options and dumbbells can help with all kinds of exercises (curls, extensions, flyes, presses).  They would pack well, too.  In their absence, though, I’d bring a single set of medium weight dumbbells (lighter than your max so you can use them in multiple ways).

Make sure you continue the cardio while you’re away, though.  Even though I don’t recommend only doing cardio I suggest you don’t stop the cardio while on vacation.  You won’t be able to do as much as you have been doing but you really shouldn’t try to go as far as you normally do.  That may make you look a little crazy.

Stay fit, don’t take the week off… don’t take two weeks off… don’t take lots of time off because when you climb off the horse the horse tends to run away and you have to catch the horse.  I took six weeks off and getting back into the gym was really, really hard.  In fact, I had to have a slight kick in the ass to climb back on the horse.  That was the reason for the extensive horse analogy.

I’m back on the horse, though, and when I get a chance to take a trip, I won’t stop working out and you shouldn’t either.

Lift it.

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