Fitness Specter 9 – Methods of Madness

Do you think that using body weight training is the only way to go?  What exactly are your thoughts on using exclusively machines to build that physique?  Is your philosophy to exclusively use free weights to become a monster of the gym?  I look at all these questions in the most exciting Fitness Specter to ever grace the computer screen… on this specific day at this specific time for this specific reason.  Let’s LIFT.

FitSpecter300There are lots of different views about what methods are best, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that as long as you’re building that fitness you’re doing what you need to be doing.  Some people swear by the machines because of the “precise movements,” others swear by the free weights because you control the movements from the start to the finish of the move.  Those who believe in body weight training only think that they might not need anything else and seem to be doing pretty well without weights.

The truth of the matter is that each of these has a place in your routine.

Bodyweight training, in my own personal opinion, is good if you don’t have access to a lot of equipment or are working on a part of your workout that requires using something that weights can’t easily be integrated into.  I am big on the idea of using bodyweight training when I go away on a vacation, as relying on a fully fledged gym isn’t a likely scenario, especially on a budget.  If you’re using this type of training, then you probably have a really good idea what you’re doing because you really have to know in order to get the most benefit out of your training.

Machines are handy, too.  There are precise movements that can be attained using only machines.  There are movements that the body specifically needs in order to strengthen muscles or build specific muscles, even machines designed to target ONLY those muscles you’re looking at building.  What could be wrong with that, right?  I mean, if the machine is targeting the muscle you’re looking to strengthen, how can that be wrong?

Free weights have long been seen as the way to go, though, and they are the method most relied upon by professional and amateur body building competitors alike.  The pros and competitive amateurs all utilize some sort of machine integration, too, and some even do the bodyweight training with that, but the free weight is where they get their most benefits.  The free weights, too, are what I’ve decided I need at this point in time.

With free weights, I do get benefits with the lift and the put down.  I’ve not met a machine yet that can do an effect compound movement (like a deadliest), though my own experience is fairly limited.  Every gym you go to has free weights, too, while not every gym you go to has the machines you need.  Free weights are what builds champions and I am fervently pursuing this method as my primary method for the time being.  Maybe if I get to the level where I’m happy with the results I’ll get more into a combination of the three.

Lift it.

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