Footie Specter 2 – A Rough Start

I’m a Manchester United supporter.  The 2014-2015 season has started off really, really rough.  Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve really opened my eyes to what is going on with the Premier League yet this season but I suppose I need something to talk about and I’m going to start with games 1 and 2 of this current season.

FootieSpecter300David Moyes was the chosen successor to Alex Ferguson.  There was word that he was the chosen one and the one to lead United into the next epoch of greatness.  Less than half the season was all that we needed to see that he wasn’t going to be what we thought he was going to be.  Before the season was really over, Moyes had to know he was on his way out and when he was let go, I honestly couldn’t say that I was surprised.  I’ve not even bothered to learn the name of the new guy at the moment and that is because the season has started out really, really rough.

Game one was hard to watch the end of… because I managed to see the end of the game.  The highlights of the game were even harder to watch because I knew the outcome and I sighed seeing the ax finally fall.  I admit, I’ve been spoiled into thinking that losing was a “not very often” thing and now that I’m in with the rest of the supporters out there in the world, I am very understanding of how everyone else was feeling while we were rolling over them.

Before I go on lamenting, let me state that I understand that Manchester United won’t be like this forever… there will be a resurgence, I just don’t know how long that is going to take.

Game two I have not had a chance to see.  Looking at the “box score,” I can say that I’m not very impressed with the performance.  Sure, I bet the game was better than all of that, but a draw is still a draw.  At least the draw was with Sunderland, because at least I consider them worthy of being competition for the level of United.  Game one against Swansea was embarrassing.

One embarrassing loss.  One miserable draw.  That is a terrible start to the season and I’m hoping for a very long run of unbelievable wins because without a strong presence in the winning column for the next few games, I don’t really know if Manchester United has any hope of finishing in the top five this year, much less in the top two.  I would have to see some miraculous play from United for a big chunk of the season now to say that they have any chance of winning the league.  That is sad, considering my level of dedication.

I have been peeking at the other leagues I follow and I think that enjoying some of them may be better for my health this season.  Time will tell, of course.

Let’s play some footie.

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