Game Specter 10 – Stealing Ideas


If you were a multi-million dollar making film creator, you’d probably not need to worry about running a vampire political intrigue game for your friends. Since you aren’t, or at least if you’re reading this I suspect you aren’t, maybe you want to steal someone else’s idea and put the trappings of whatever game you’re playing over top of it.

Yeah, I’m telling you to steal your ideas.

I want to run a vampire game for my buddy Bob and his two or three friends. We’ve decided on some political intrigue and I really can’t think of anything to use for a game as the backdrop, so I decide we aren’t going to play and we never talk again. Wait, what? No, that doesn’t happen. I go out looking at movies, books, and other games I’ve played and I steal something to put the trappings of vampire on top of that.

Silly you, thinking I’d just pack up and go away.

I go out and I grab the Godfather and say to myself “let’s turn this into a vampire game.” Vito Corleone turns into the Prince of the City, who is fighting for ultimate control against the other four major factions fighting for power. The Prince is Invictus, he’s battling the Carthians, the Dracul, the Crones, and the Sanctum for ultimate control of the city. The Prince has decided that he’s been doing this too long and goes to choose his successor, who will ultimately be the one running the city in the end (Michael Corleone… or maybe the players are each some piece of that successor). If we are going along the Godfather line and one of the players is the chosen, maybe that player is manipulating the other players as well as slowly taking down each of the other groups to leave the Invictus as the only real power left in the city.

Doesn’t that sound like an interesting game?

What about something less “legendary movie” as a source?

The humdrum life of several vampires in the city goes on without much ado. As if by chance, a long time “legend” of the city returns hunting for the lupines that he’s famous for hunting. He brings with him his team, which are slowly taken out by these crafty lupines and your player characters, including his best friend, which spins him into almost a catatonic state. The player characters help trap the lupines as they make their last desperate attempt to “root out the evil of the vampires” from “their” city. The catatonic vampire joins up with the players just in time to get rid of the lupine scourge.

Sound interesting? Yeah, that’s the storyline to Critters 2: The Main Course. I just took a terrible movie and made it into a decent sounding vampire game. There’s stuff everywhere out there, why not look a little?

All in all, you don’t need to come up with something from scratch. Steal the ideas. Critters 2 isn’t a great movie but there are story elements that would make a good vampire game. Hell, you could make a good non-vampire game out of it. Just look around.

Game on.

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