Game Specter 2 – Learning FATE Core

I have only played the storytelling/storyteller system created by White Wolf since December 1994, when I was introduced to Vampire: the Masquerade.  That means, if you’re counting, I’ve only really gotten to interact with the the White Wolf system for the last 20 years.  All that is about to change because I’m making a concerted effort to learn something new.  I’m learning FATE Core!

GameSpecter300Yes, I’m late to the party on this one.  There have been plenty of people making plenty of effort to play FATE for a long time now and that means I need to start branching out because no one is willing to play the storytelling/storyteller without playing one of the splats associated with the system.  I’ve even suggested making modifications that have only somewhat been responded to by a few and that also means I need to be as into that idea as I’ve suggested others should be.  Well, I haven’t been.

I aim to change things.  I am going to change things UP.

Starting with learning a brand new system, that system being FATE, I am going to build a test adventure that I can run with my buddy Bob and perhaps some of his friends… which means I am going to run a FATE game.  Yes, a game system other than White Wolf.

I know, I know… this shouldn’t be that much an exciting moment but I have to say that I’m really into the idea of playing something new.  Well, running that something new, anyway… then maybe I can get some play time in eventually after Bob and company learns how the game runs.  Maybe they already know, but I’ll see about that in the future.

The one thing about roleplaying that I want to do more of is actually doing the roleplaying part.  I want to develop a story, I want to solve a mystery, I want to interact with the world, and I want to see what things are like when one has to problem solve.  The thing that I always end up having to play is when people bring out the guns, swords, and whatever other handy weaponry and they start a combat that eats up valuable roleplaying time.

I’ve had enough of combat.  Combat is over.  I would like less combat.  Combat is fine in small chunks but not when half of the session ends up being nothing but 73 seconds of combat action.  Yeah, that isn’t very fun, especially when 73 seconds turns into three and a half hours of rolling dice and damage.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress but I’m hopeful to get a little bit read every day and then start building a little bit of a base of what I’d like to run as I go along.  The Knights of the Night have helped show me how awesome FATE can be and I hope that I can be as lucky as that group is with finding players in that same type of mind frame.

We’ll see.  Let’s roll.

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