Game Specter 7 – Reusing Old Ideas

GameSpecter300How many ideas have you run through other game groups, ages ago, and were just allowing those ideas to collect dust while you toiled over coming up with something new? Tens? Hundreds? Millions? If you said millions, you have too much time on your hands, but I am about to talk about reusing old ideas!

I have run an enormous number of games in my day. I say that as if I’m ancient. However, since my only game playing has been with World of Darkness (both old and new) since 1994, I have run an enormous number of games IN the WoD. That means I’ve got lots of games that I’ve run for lots of players in lots of groups lots of times. While some of those have been “actual play” broadcasts, I believe there are enough threads I can take out of them to reuse them even IF someone were to have listen to them in the past. Yeah, I can even reuse those.

Forget about those, though. What about the games I’ve run that haven’t been broadcast? How about the games I’ve created for John Doe, Joe Q. Public, Jane Doe, and Mr. X? Their game had nothing to do with the game I created for Luke Warm, Art Work, Justin Credible, and Anne Body, so those are two ideas that have been played (knowing mistakes I’ve made and now knowing how to correct them) that could even be combined into one! Yeah, I’ve got lots of “vampire” chronicle ideas running around in my head but I’d like to actually get some of the old ideas done correctly for once and I might even have a new group to try them on.

Do you watch the Greatest Show? It’s mine and Bob’s YouTube podcast that happens (mostly) weekly. Bob lives in Indiana and can gather together a group of players who are genuinely interested in running through the new (or old) WoD… meaning I can dig up my old ideas and use them on Bob and company! They can live through the game I wanted to tell but they can live through one that has more hooks, more fun, and more in-depth because I have time to BUILD on the idea rather than just reuse the idea.

Wait… you’re going to dig up your old trash for your best friend?

Yes. And he will love it because it’s new to him. And he will love it more because I will be able to fix what broke the first time I used it. Hell, I am introducing a group to WoD, why wouldn’t I go with something that doesn’t need to be built from the very scratch of nothingness? Yeah, that’s right.

So, don’t be scared. Dig up an old idea and retool it. Don’t use the idea with the people that already heard or played it, use it with new people. I haven’t had a steady group since 1997, so I’m pretty solid in reusing things.

Why not? Yeah, I thought so.

Game on.

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