Having An Audio Show… Scheduling

Once again, I temp you with the idea that I will do “an audio show,” or a podcast for all intents and purposes.  But what, pray tell, am I going to do different than I did at Lime Flavored?

First and foremost, I’d like to do the show as often as possible, meaning a daily show (5 times a week).  This may eventually lead to wanting to work in radio, which I’ve tried doing before, but like all jobs that I’m sure have a solid “Old Boy’s Network,” I didn’t get very far.  Hell, even the “in” I had with one of the stations didn’t lead to anything more than a “sorry, we don’t have time.”

Well, this would build up a resume.

That isn’t all, though, I’m genuinely interested in advancing the regularity of an audio show so that I can advance to do other things that I would like to do.  There is a list of things that I am working on for the next phase of stuff for Emerald Specter and that will need a little bit of audio.  Yeah, I had some things mapped out that they require that I set other things up, first.

I have priorities and they require planning.  I’m sticking to them.

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