Hello Spooklings!

You’re probably wondering where the podcast is this week. It didn’t get recorded.

I’ve been working on BuJourneyRPG… and recently learned about digital planners, so I’ve been tinkering with those specifically with the intent of integrating that into BuJourneyRPG and BuJoRPG. That isn’t all, but I can’t give any more about the bujo stuff right now.

Also, I’ve had to shift my focus a little to help my wife with two gigantic orders that came in… and since I am the fastest producer of the treats (I sit and cut, while my wife gets to do the other stuff) I am the one who is best suited to crank out the product.

All of that to say there won’t be a podcast this week, nor will there be a Journal entry. I am trying to get a little ahead again so I can go full force into the creative process again to actually get something release ready.

Sorry for the delay.

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