Ingress Intel 1: Meeting Niantic

On Friday, August 8, 2014, a member of Niantic will appear in my local area, Bismarck, ND, to discuss “the scanner functionality” with members from both factions.  As he/she is completely unaware, I’m almost positive this meeting will devolve into chaos.

I hold out small hope, though, that it won’t.

I play Ingress.  In my community (the one in which I currently reside but shall not reside for a long period of time) has two distinct factions.  Yes, all Ingress does, but the two factions here have two very different ways of playing.

The Enlightened group, which is the green team, have a very coordinated method of play.  We communicate in multiple locations to charge, attack, link, and make sure that key portals do not get taken down if we can prevent it.  There are enough of us, too, that are of sufficiently high level to create our own level 8 portals just by showing up.  We work together in order to make things run smoother.

The Resistance is another story.  I do not know the vivd details of the opposition, but conversations with a few different blue team members has revealed to me that there is almost no organization on their side.  In fact, from first hand experience, some of the players seem to be incapable of setting up a portal correctly, only drive around to get portals (thereby not really playing at all) and some even actively antagonize members of both factions.

Why would you antagonize your own faction?  Why wouldn’t you put forth the effort to set a portal up correctly?

At this impending meeting, I’m sure Niantic is looking for feedback on their apps.  I’m more than happy to tell them that iOS users, of which I am now one, are grossly unable to do many things that actually hinder our ability to play effectively.  An iOS user cannot submit a portal, for example, which means we can’t correct the terrible pictures that others take and so on.

If the meeting doesn’t devolve into a “green vs blue” mudslinging match, I can see the next hurdle being an “iOS vs Android” mudslinger.  In fact, members of my own faction, who have known I’d be an iOS user since I started playing, were making disparaging comments early on before the app came out.  They’ve stopped, understanding that we aren’t the mindless idiots who can’t figure things out like some non-iOS users think, and believe that we are now helping in the effort.

With any luck, things run smoothly.  I look forward to giving the employee some input and I also look forward to iOS Ingress catching up in functionality to the Android version.  I understand that Android will be more functional but the iPhone is so much more accurate with the GPS than anything Android I’ve used.

I’ve used the opposite OS and don’t like it… many who complain about the opposite side have not.

Think on it.

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