It’s Happening… But When?

Like the title says, it’s happening… but when?  That is the signifier that it is closer than ever to the time when I actually leave one state for a permanent move to another.  I am moving, I just don’t have a set date yet.

Yes, I am actually moving out of North Dakota.

Work has progressed in a general direction of being great (with what I used to do and would like to do again in the future) to somewhat less great (with having to deal with people rather than just doing a job).  I’m openly saying this because I’m beginning to not care what people think.  Hell, I haven’t called anyone out or mentioned anything specific… and probably won’t, so stop digging for dirt.

In a conversation with a friend at work yesterday, we both remarked (in one form or another) that we were in school (elementary, high school, whatever) and thought “I can’t wait to get out into the real world so I don’t have to deal with other peoples’ drama.”  We both then came to realize that those people we were trying to get away from are all over the place.  THEY got out, too, and decided to keep creating drama.

I’m moving away from all of that, though.  Not that I believe where I’m going isn’t going to have some level of drama, no I’m sure that there will be drama… I just won’t have to deal with people who’s drama is exactly the same drama all across the board.  I don’t have to listen to one person tell me one thing and then hear they’re telling someone else the exact opposite thing (in my opinion because they want to look cool).  The opposite thing, by the way, isn’t coming from work… hint, hint to shut your mouth.

No, I think that will still go on.  The major problem with my current location is that everyone has “worked with me in a non-supervisory role” and will have issues accepting me as an authority figure. So, when I move, no problems because they’ll only know me as an authority figure.  Major problem solved.

That isn’t actually why I’m moving, though.  The reason I’m moving is because I hate North Dakota.  I have never really liked living here, I don’t like the weather, I don’t like the personalities, I don’t like the culture, I don’t like the people, I don’t like the emptiness, and I don’t like the political leanings.  If you aren’t a straight, white, old man who is firmly of Christian beliefs then this state is not for you.  Yes, that’s right, I live in a terrible place.

Women are second class citizens.  Men make all decisions and are expected to make all the decisions.  Women aren’t smart enough to do anything important without a man.  All the jobs are in the oil field.  You have to like hunting, guns, and farming or you’re a fucking communist.  Yep, the vast wasteland that is North Dakota is a pointless and barren place full of people I don’t want to be around… and the landscape sucks ass, too.

Ever driven somewhere and felt you were in a race?  That’s called “going to work” in North Dakota.  It’s also called “going to get lunch,” “going to the grocery store,” “going to the movie,” “going over to a friend’s house,” “going to the mall,” and basically any other combination of “going” with a destination.

Want to get into another lane?  Turn your signal on and watch the other “courteous drivers” actually SPEED UP to prevent you from merging.  How about the blinker being a decoration rather than a valuable part of the driving experience?  What about the predominance of pick up trucks on the road that serve no more purpose than to display how tiny the penises of the drivers?  Yep, that’s North Dakota.

I hate this place.  I can’t wait to leave.

Where am I going?  That’s for a later date.  I’ll be counting the days until I can move and when I can move, I’ll be so happy I’ll probably record a video of me bouncing off the walls.  Moving will be great.

Thanks for letting me rant.  I’ll miss a few people but unfortunately, I’d rather miss the few than put up with the many to stay.


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