Jan 10 – Allen FC vs Wordsmiths

AllenFC200 Wordsmiths200

Two winning sides come together to bring an absolutely smashing match to the fans of the ESPL when the top scoring Wordsmiths rolled into Allen FC’s house. The first half started out really early as Charles Alexander weaved through everyone to knock in the first goal at 1′, in a record setting 26 seconds! Allen FC took the early lead at 1-0 and set the tone for the rest of the match. Thane Moreau put the next goal in for Allen FC at 19′, giving Allen FC a solid 2-0 lead. The first half ended without much else going on, though Wordsmiths petitioned for a card for tripping but only got the free kick.

In the second half, Wordsmiths’ Jason White puts a header from a corner into the net at 54′ to give them their first goal and close the gap. Wordsmiths team captain Travis Trevors was next at 69′ with a shot into the tightest part of the corner of the net, just out of range of the keeper. The scored was tied 2-2. That didn’t last long, though, as at 72′ Max Vice heads in a brilliant goal from a cross to return Allen FC to the lead. Wordsmiths pressed hard after that to get another goal but just couldn’t connect.

The final score Allen FC wins 3-2.

“They played a great game,” said Wordsmiths team captain Travis Trevors. “We just couldn’t get that equalizer and in the end that was what did us in. Going down 2-0 early also hurt morale and we can’t get down in the dumps like that.”

“Bonkers,” said Charles Alexander, Allen FC team captain. “The game was absolutely bonkers and putting the first goal in at 26 seconds was fantastic!”

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