Jan 10 – Halo vs Knightsquare

Halo200 Knightsquare200

Another battle between two losing teams looking for their first 3 points in the league started off at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. At 25′ Knightsquare team captain Alan Marquardt puts the first goal into the corner of the net to give the away side a 1-0 start to the match. The next goal came at 27′ from Halo’s Hector Lopez off of a great passing through defenders to put it cleanly in the net. Shine Yamagashi at 30′ put in another strong goal for Halo to give the home side a lead at 2-1. Knightsquare’s Theron Wildhorse put in an answer to that goal at 34′ with a bicycle kick into the corner to equalize at 2-2. The first half scoring wasn’t done there as at 39′ Ghudra Nmamba for Halo put in a diving header off of a pass to put the home side back up again, this time at 3-2. The first half ended without another score… but did it need another score?

Fans were standing right from the start of the second half for another goal-fest but didn’t see the first one go in until 74′ when Andrei Ramius put a beautiful shot right into the corner out of the reach of the keeper to give Halo a buffer at 4-2. Franz Volstag scored at 79′ with a fantastically curled free kick to bring Knightsquare up to 4-3, closing the gap.

The final score was Halo wins 4-3.

“This is the second time we’ve been involved with the highest scoring game of the week,” said Alan Marquardt, Knightsquare team captain. “Both times we’re on the receiving end of the game rather than the ones in the winner’s circle. I’d like to change that but keep up the scoring pace.”

“That was a wild first half,” said Halo team captain Scott Stennon. “No one really seemed to be able to stop the other team and we just were seeing how many times we could score before the half ended. I was exhausted heading into the second half because of all the full pitch running I was doing. Amazing.”

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