Jan 10 – Shazam CM vs Shamrock Celtic

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The second match of week 2 kicked off at noon and the action was not where you’d expect the action to be: cards galore. The cards began at 13′ when Karl Schmidt earned a yellow for a minor tangling of the legs, giving Shamrock Celtic a prime opportunity for a free kick goal… which was ultimately headed away. At 23′ Tony Johanssen earns a yellow card kicking the head of Shamrock Celtic team captain Patrick Barnes inadvertently. That lead to Patrick Barnes earning a yellow of his own at 31′ for shoving Johanssen to the ground. This lead to a lot of finger pointing but play was resumed. Jackson Alexander at 45′ earned a yellow card for running into Patrick Barnes. The argument was made that Alexander didn’t see him as he was looking to head the ball but Barnes felt targeted and lobbied for more.

The second half was no less aggressive as the first yellow card came at 54′ with Arak Shemin tripping Linke Rousseau as he went for the ball. At 78′ with Linke Rousseau stepping on the ankle of the goalkeeper of Celtic’s, Ken Broadwell, inadvertently earned a yellow card stopping play for a few minutes. Then things got interesting as at 83′ Patrick Barnes earned his second yellow, and the red, for a forearm to Jackson Alexander’s head. The team captain and star player of Shamrock Celtic was escorted to the locker room only minutes before 88′ Tony Johanssen earns a red for clotheslining Arak Shemin to the pitch, causing him to be ejected. With each side having a player out, the game finished without a single goal scored and a whole bunch of cards.

The draw was 0-0.

“Things were really aggressive out there,” said Arak Shemin, back up captain for the Shamrock Celtic. “Patrick wasn’t thinking clearly after the first yellow he got and we tried to calm him back down but he wasn’t hearing it. Shazam didn’t need to be so aggressive, either, that just made things far more flammable than they needed to be.”

“I don’t know what they’re complaining about,” said Shazam CM captain Taoufik Belbani. “They only got 3 cards against them and they were pushing the limit of credulity out there. I’m glad that the hot head out for blood will have a few games to think about his choices.”

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