Jan 10 – Sporting Black Cats vs Vulcan FC

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Week 2 kicks off with two clubs that fought hard last week to losses meet to see if they can score their first 3 points of the season. Early in the first half, 29′ Victor Khrushchev gets in front of the goalkeeper and slams it home to get the early lead for Sporting. At 45′ Nate Havram earns a yellow card for delivering a clear trip that sent Arbo Muvata to the pitch. Vulcan’s team captain lobbied for the red but the referee wasn’t hearing it.

In the second half, the first real action didn’t come out until 81′ when Vulcan’s Dung Tran rocketed a long shot into the net to the embarrassment of the Sporting goalkeeper, leveling the score 1-1. Sporting didn’t take that lying down, though, as Gene Blankenship at 83′ put in the header off of Kai Funaka’s cross to put Sporting back on top.

The final was Sporting winning 2-1.

“The yellow card wasn’t strong enough in my opinion,” said Vulcan FC captain Jaque Lareaux. “Havram had some real vicious intent behind it and I couldn’t believe the referee only offered up the yellow.”

“We broke the seal now and can start actually progressing through the season on a winning note,” said Avendale Borusa, Sporting Black Cats’ team captain. “Victor and Gene gave us a real good shot and we can start working more towards winning next week rather than lingering on the problems of last week.”

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