Jan 11 – Emerald United vs Gothica

EmeraldUnited200 Gothica200

Destined to be a classic matchup, the two best teams (i.e. the two highest spending teams in the ESPL) meet up for the spotlight game of week 2… and Emerald United was without their Paco DeJesus for this one. The first half was a tight fight between these two clubs but the scoring started with Dae Ho Park at 21′ scoring from a penalty kick after he was body checked in the box. Emerald United 1-0 and were looking strong until Edge Righte went for a tackle and ended up upending Simon Tarken, the team captain for Gothica, to earn a yellow card at 27′. The response came shortly thereafter as Gothic’s Victor Vesselin at 39′ delivered a strong kick to the goal which bounced off the pole and came straight back to him for another shot… and goal. The score was now 1-1.

The second half opened with Dae Ho Park at 47′ putting in his second goal from the edge of the box to put Emerald United back on top (2-1). The battle between these two clubs went all the way until the 83′ when Edge’s brother Donovan Righte, who plays for Gothica, blasted in a kick passed from the edge of the box to even the score at 2-2.

The final score was 2-2.

“That was a tough game,” said Simon Tarken, Gothica team captain. “Odd to have Donovan’s brother on the other side, too, but I think that helped keep things as civil as they were. I don’t blame Edge for going in after that ball, I just wish he wouldn’t have.”

“I can’t believe we missed it,” said Emerald United captain Trent Areonak. “Without Paco, we held our own and I’m hopeful that we can do much better when he comes back for the second leg of this one. I’d love to put one over on them.”

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