Jan 11 – Real Olympia vs Naval Armada

RealOlympia200 NavalArmada200

The first of two spotlight games of week 2 kicks off with this one. The first half saw a plethora of chances by both clubs, with the league’s “best player” Khan Galaxy getting six all on his own. There were near misses by both sides, but the real questions came when Galaxy put a shot right towards the lower corner and keeper RJ Thane was across the line but the ball wasn’t… leading to some arguments. There was no scoring in the first half.

The second half’s excitement came in the form of the yellow card earned by Matt Craven for Naval Armada at 65′. Both sides had some chances again but no one seemed to be able to seal the deal.

The draw was 0-0.

“The ball crossed the line, plain and simple,” said Khan Galaxy, captain of Naval Armada. “Just because it didn’t go into the net doesn’t mean that it didn’t cross that line. The line is the score.”

“That was a knock out, drag out fight,” said Real Olympia team captain Severus MacLain. “RJ saved us, really, and I’m glad we could hold on if we couldn’t win.”

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