Jan 17 – Gothica vs Knightsquare

Gothica200 Knightsquare200

Gothica wasted no time once the opening kick occurred, as Simon Tarken (the team’s captain) put a strong goal into the back of the net at 18′, without much resistance from Knightsquare. That seemed to wake up Knightsquare and their defensive prowess really kicked in, as they denied Gothica any further goals for the rest of the half.

The second half was where all the action was for this one… as Alan Marquardt, Knightsquare’s team captain, knocked in the equalizer at 60′, giving hope to the away team. Simon Tarken scored his second goal from way out beyond 20 yards to put Gothica back up 2-1 at 75′. Knightsquare evened the score back up at 82′ when Claude Devereaux snuck one into the corner just out of the keeper’s reach. Alan Marquardt earned a yellow card for taking out Simon Tarken right in the box (at 85′), giving the superstar a chance for a penalty kick which went in on the left side, giving Tarken a hat trick (the first hat trick of the ESPL).

The final score, Gothica 3-2.

“I can’t believe that the referee gave them a penalty kick,” said Alan Marquardt. “We weren’t really in the box and I barely touched him. I guess that’s too late to change, though.”

“I got the first hat trick of the ESPL?” asked Simon Tarken. “Wonderful!”

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