Jan 17 – Shamrock Celtic vs Sporting Black Cats

ShamrockCeltic200 SportingBlackCats200

Only 3′ into the game and Shamus O’Mara puts the first goal into the net for Shamrock Celtic, giving them an early 1-0 lead. This put the crowd into good spirits as at 29′ Zane Faulken puts Shamrock Celtic up 2-0 with a strong shot right past the goalkeeper. The opponents managed to put their first goal in at 39′ when Gene Blankenship snuck one just over the line making the game 2-1. Blankenship almost had a second goal but it bounced off the bar just before the end of the first half.

The second half has the crowd energized still from the events of the first half and at 67′ Kip Nguyen puts Shamrock Celtic’s third goal into the net in a grand fashion, upending the goalkeeper who essentially did a cartwheel to try for the block. Both clubs then played strong football as the regulation time elapsed, though in extra time at 91′ Kai Funaka gave Sporting Black Cats hope with a second goal, which the club used to attempt an equalizer until time ran out.

The final score Shamrock Celtic 3-2.

“We got the supporters rocking for this one,” said Shamus O’Mara, the first goal scorer for Shamrock Celtic. “Once we were up, that was all the motivation we needed to stay up.”

“They played a strong match,” said Avondale Borusa, Sporting BC’s team captain. “I can’t even imagine how lopsided this would have been if Patrick Barnes was playing as well.”

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