Jan 17 – Shazam CM vs Real Olympia

ShazamCM200 RealOlympia200

The first half was a tense battle between two clubs that just didn’t want to give an inch. The tone was set to be a rougher match due to the wild tackles that were going un-carded, giving the players on both sides the encouragement to keep up the wild pace. There were no goals or cards in the first half, just a solid half of football.

At 61′ in the second half, Tim Bailey on Real Olympia put one into the net and gave Real Olympia a 1-0 lead. The sole yellow card of the match came at 66′ when Hoshi Tanaka completely took Tim Bailey’s legs out from under him, forcing him to leave the match. At 77′ Jackson Alexander rockets one in from the edge of the box to even the score at 1-1. At 88′ Drago Petroff puts the ball into the net off of a lovely free kick, giving Shazam CM the lead.

The final score Shazam CM 2-1.

“Tim Bailey going out that was way tough,” said Severus MacLain, Real Olympia’s team captain. “We just couldn’t seem to get ourselves back in the rhythm after that.”

“Being down 1-0 was a tough start,” said Taoufik Belbani, Shazam CM’s team captain. “When Jackson put his goal in, then Petroff followed that up with a brilliant follow up, we couldn’t have been happier.”

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