Jan 17 – Wordsmiths vs Emerald United

Wordsmiths200 EmeraldUnited200

Wordsmiths proved to be quite the hosts as they showed some strong defensive skills early in the half and went on to have six full chances at scoring before Emerald United asserted themselves. At 44′ Dae Ho Park launched a goal into the corner, just beyond the keeper’s reach. The first half ended without any further from either club.

The second half proved to be something of a poser. Both Emerald United and Wordsmiths put the ball into the net but each time the offsides call had been made, frustrating everyone involved. The match turned rough but no penalties, yellow cards, or anything further than a warning was given.

The final score was Emerald United 1-0.

“We got the win,” said Trent Areonak, Emerald United’s team captain. “At the end of the day, that’s what matters.”

“Bunk,” said Travis Trevors, Wordsmiths’ team captain. “There were penalties all over that pitch and the officials didn’t issue anything to anyone for anything. It’s so frustrating when someone nearly gets taken out and there isn’t anything other than a free kick given.”

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