Jan 18 – Allen FC vs Vulcan FC

AllenFC200 VulcanFC200

Vulcan FC opens up the game at 8′ when Fuji Takei is faster than all the defenders and puts the goal straight into the net without much resistance from the goalkeeper to give them a 1-0 lead. There were several free kicks given but no cards for the rest of the first half as both teams seemed to be playing a little free with their tackling attempts, though nothing like other matches that occurred this week.

The second half was a tight fight between the two teams until Shawn Rock at 82′ puts the ball into the net for the equalizer.

The final score 1-1 draw.

“Whenever there is a solid match between two clubs like this we try to show what we’re made of,” said Jacque Lareaux, team captain of Vulcan FC. “We went up early but couldn’t hold on. We’ll give things a bigger try next time.”

“Coming out of this with only one point is disappointing,” said Charles Alexander, team captain of Allen FC. “It’s better than no points, I suppose, but we were playing so well.”

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