Gothica200 Halo200

The number one spending team, and thus the number one rated team (Gothica) hosts the Halo FC club as the second game of the ESPL takes the field. The guests score early at 5′ when Hector Cruz defeats the goalkeeper with a phenomenal shot to the corner of the net. Gothica didn’t look rattled, though and they simply buckled down and held their ground to end the first half without losing anymore ground. While they didn’t score in the first half, they didn’t show weakness and even took a few good shots.

As the second half got underway, Gothica came out swinging, not allowing Halo to take possession for much possession until Adam Stonewall gets alone in front of the goal at 56′ where the keeper didn’t stand a chance. The equalizer seemed to energize Gothica and they continued to dominate the second half and at 67′ Yuri Petrikoff is faster than the defenders to the ball and scores after Adam Stonewall bounced an attempt off the post. Gothica pulled ahead 2-1. Halo redoubled their efforts and fought their way into possession of the ball and at 79′ Adam Stonewall delivered what he claimed was an inadvertent elbow to the head of Hector Cruz, giving Cruz a free kick that sailed over the goal. Gothica held on to win.

The final score was 2-1 Gothica at home.

“We had a hell of a time getting possession for most of the second half,” said Scott Stennon, Halo’s captain. “Gothica just flat out pushed us around and we looked helpless. The early lead was ours but we couldn’t get another one.”

“No one was rattled after they scored,” said Gothic’s captain Simon Tarken. “When we took the kick after that, we all just played like the game just started. In the second half, we made sure to really run harder because without an equalizer, then the second goal, we weren’t living up to our potential.”

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