Knightsquare200 NavalArmada200

Knightsquare hosts Naval Armada in the third game of the ESPL. Both teams appeared to be fairly evenly matched until, in 27′, Knightsquare’s Freidrich Gunther passes the defense and scores with what looks like an easy goal. Naval Armada didn’t waste any time, though, as 29′ saw Jesse Davis does basically the same thing, and equalizes the game. At 33′, Nico Capella was standing offside but the referee didn’t see it, allowing the pass to sail right in and giving Knightsquare the 2-1 lead. That didn’t last long as at 41′ Predro DeJesus turned the ball lovely just over the wall on a free kick to equalize the game at 2-2 once again. That ended the first half and fans were elated that this game was a high scoring affair.

In the second half, the defenses showed their skills as no one could get anywhere near the goals, on either side, until at 62′ Jesse Davis puts the ball in the goal with a header off a corner to pull Naval Armada ahead. There were plenty of attempts after that, on both sides, but Naval Armada held on to avoid the Knightsquare equalizing effort.

The final was Naval Armada winning 3-2.

“This one was all over the place,” said Alan Marquardt, Knightsquare team captain. “Freidrich and Nico really gave us a lot of hope early on but we couldn’t convert anything in the second half. I’m hopeful that we’ll turn things around next week.”

“Smashing,” said double goal scorer Jesse Davis. “I put the first one in and felt secure that we would have a great match. When the second one went in during the second half, I thought I was going to be getting a hat trick but it wasn’t meant to be.”

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