Jan 4 – Vulcan FC vs Wordsmiths

VulcanFC200 Wordsmiths200

The final, “spotlight match,” of the ESPL’s first week kicked off as Vulcan FC hosted Wordsmiths. The first half started with early scoring at 10′ as Fuji Takei gets the ball in after a pass from the left flank, allowing Vulcan FC to take the early lead. At 21′, Calvin Casey passes through the defense and scores easily to even the score at 1-1. The looks of a high scoring affair reared it’s head as at 31′ Vulcan’s Boris Putin scores a fabulous shot low and to the center when the keeper was out of position. Wordsmiths’ Tendo Hiroshima puts his own fabulous goal into the net at 35′ to return the match to an even 2-2.

The second half saw more scoring as 82′ saw Shu Liang puts a marvelous corner kick into the net with a well timed foot, giving Wordsmiths the 3-2 lead. At 84′ we saw Calvin Casey turns a lovely ball into the corner on a free kick, giving Wordsmiths a 4-2 lead. The home crowd held out hope as 88′ Boris Putin puts his second goal into the corner with great power, closing the gap.

The final score, Wordsmiths win 4-3.

“Our effort was solid,” said double goal scorer Boris Putin for Vulcan FC. “We couldn’t get the equalizer, though. Time just ran out.”

“Two players with two goals,” said Calvin Casey, Wordsmiths’ double goal scorer. “The supporters were treated to a well played match and a high scoring affair, giving us all a boost and lifting Wordsmiths to the top of the league for week 1. I can’t wait to play again.”

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