• There is updates about me, this show, the Greatest Show, life, BujoRPG, BuJourneyRPG, and more!

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    Host: DJ AllenIntro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails […]

  • There is an unfortunate buzzing but at least Aaron is loud enough to hear.

    The interrogation continues! Another final death! Kris and Kent continue the hunt for more information. The duo is out for VII and […]

  • Aaron’s audio is awful. I apologize.

    After another interrogation victim at Arctica, Kris and Kent roll on. Fight at the club? You guessed correct! Kent uses telepathy to talk to Kris, who doesn’t want that is […]

  • Kent and Kris now have the upper hand, thanks to the redheads. Kris stakes Monday and Kent in order to get things moving. Back at the safe house, Kent gets healed up for being stupid. In the dungeon, Kris and […]

  • Kris and Kent can’t go to their big homes, things have been repurposed. A trip in the “big black blazer” allows the duo to stock up on weapons as they venture out into Bismarck. Kris and Kent could have been […]

  • Yes, I started out this post with a facepalm because I deserve to give you one of ME doing a facepalm. Again, if you would please continue on reading before you roll your eyes, I’ve got a little bit of […]

  • Kent and Kris wake up in a dark room with someone else in the room. Cassandra takes the brothers to a house, six redheads greet them. They meet Tiffany, Danielle, Sasha, Nina, Cassie, and Samantha. They learn […]

  • Did you think I forgot about you? I didn’t. There is a lot to talk about involving BuJourneyRPG, so let me not keep you in suspense and get to it.

    It’s not a secret, though you might not have realized it, that […]

  • Okay… after a few days from the “recording” of what was supposed to be live broadcast, I can finally talk about what happened, what will happen, and where we go from here.

    Aaron had some microphone issues, […]

  • Kent has already lost a wolf. Kris and Betty the Screamer are waking up right, and the rest of the ghouls have primo jobs to support Kris. Both Kris and Kent independently arrive at the same night club. Combat […]

  • So… in short, there have been a cascade of terrible errors that have led to me being unable to broadcast this evening, our debut… we will be recording the episode and uploading it at a later date, I apologize […]

  • Kris is all out fighting in an attempt to leave the city. Amazingly, the three of us start ACTUALLY using the rules correctly. Diablerie! Kent revisits the scene of the crime: Jack’s house, which is up for sale w […]

  • Kent convinces the mayor to give him a multi-million dollar home. Kris once again is a pig, this time with 12 instead of 6… but he is ghouling them this time. Kent hires construction to dig up the old hatch. W […]

  • I’ve just finished writing a gargantuan article explaining why this and that haven’t been done. The article took three days to write (more so because I didn’t get a large chunk of time to sit down and write it) a […]

  • Investigating a new set of footprints leads to the realization all their stuff is missing. The hatch is filled in with cement. They discover it’s 4 weeks later! Kris has a flash drive with all kinds of stuff. K […]

  • Kent tries to pull “a Kris.” The players start trying to put things together, together. The mail reveals some intriguing information. Obelisk mysteries start getting figured out, the duo travels around to sta […]

  • Kent blows up the police station in a glorious conflagration. Kris meets two new redheads and makes friends. Kris is getting into and out of more night clubs. Kent still can’t get ahold of Tiffany. Kent sees t […]

  • Kent starts learning about other Disciplines from one of the books he found. Kris and Kent cross reference their “conspiracy board” with their hand drawn maps. The pair stop trusting each other, mainly due to met […]

  • Kris is at a club and looking to score, because he’s a pig. Kent really deepens his plans, hiding more things for access… and goes on a rage bender unlike anyone has experienced before now. A visit to Jac […]

  • Kent sets up the Internet, checks his trunk, checks Kris’s Trunk, and starts making plans for the future. Kris watches TV to learn about vampires. Kent shops for safes while Kris heads out to some night clubs. A […]

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