Moving and Why People Don’t Seem to Get It

Do you know me?  Well, then you know I’m leaving North Dakota as soon as I possibly can.  I have my destination in mind and when I can actually leave, I’m gone.  There are several reasons for this and I would like to talk a little about those here.  First, though, let’s start with a little “Q&A” that I normally end up answering… and yes, people ask some of these stupid ass questions expecting to convince me to stay.

What if you don’t like it there?  Well, I know for a fact I don’t like it here, so why would that matter.  If I don’t like it there, I’ll move.  Simple as that.

You know it rains there (in the Pacific North West), right?  Well, I don’t have to shovel rain, so it can rain all it wants.  I don’t like snow.  I don’t like the cold here.  I don’t want to suffer to live someplace just because I’ve always lived here (except for three glorious years).  Why would I punish myself to stay in North Da-toilet?

What does (the Pacific North West) have that we don’t?  Well, YOU for starters.  The people are nicer, the driving is less idiotic, the state isn’t solidly a “red” one, and I don’t have to constantly run into people I know.  I don’t like North Da-toilet, I hate this place and I want to leave.  Nothing short of a guaranteed 7 figure salary will get me to stay here.  NOTHING.

What is better about there than here?  That’s a long ass list, but let me get that started for you.  The people aren’t self important and entitled.  There is a focus on creativity and the whole city encourages people to be unique.  Big box stores aren’t allowed because they promote a corporate atmosphere and that isn’t what they’re about.  The area is far more pet friendly.  There is a professional soccer team that I will more than enjoy going to often.  Driving isn’t a competitive sport like it seems to be in ND, whereas I mean that if you hop in your car you need to get where you’re going faster than anyone else on the road and you’ll cut anyone off you can in order to “win.”  There’s more to do.  Things aren’t closed until noon on Sunday because of some old, white men who are heavily religious deciding that needs to be the case.  The number of days which that particular area goes below zero is zero.  And still, best of all, YOU aren’t there.

What are you going to do for work?  The ONLY reason I am still here is because I need to get to a particular status at work to transfer out to where I want to go.  I’m not quitting, I’m not hoping to find something when I get there, and I’m not looking for work when I get out there.  I’m a postal employee, there ARE options.

I don’t like North Dakota.  I’ve never liked North Dakota.  I lived in Mississippi for 3 hers (actually stationed there, so not the entire 3 years) and those were the 3 best years.  Mississippi sucks and that is better than ND.  I don’t want to raise a family, the cost of living is cheaper where I’m going, I can be more creative, I am in a population center without being suffocated, exercise is a way of life and not a complex daily decision, I am near a professional sports team that will enjoy going to see on a regular basis, and most of all: it’s NOT A SNOWY FUCKING WASTELAND.  There is nothing in North Dakota for me.  NOTHING.  ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING.  Why would I stay?

Think about that before you open your pie hole and try to convince me to stay.

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